Feb 27, 2012

And the winner is … Smith, Shorten or Crean

Kevin Rudd hasn’t merely lost a vote on Labor's leadership, he has failed to establish himself as the looming replacement for Julia Gillard.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

So who is the winner from this morning’s unedifying events?


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233 thoughts on “And the winner is … Smith, Shorten or Crean

  1. David Hand

    Julia’s chances of surviving to the next election depend on running a half decent administration for the rest of her term. Her claim of “getting things done” is true when it comes to Bob Brown’s policy platform but is not so compelling when it comes to what the electorate expects.

    This time next year shae can only hope that the $23 per tonne carbon tax is not wreaking havoc in Australian manufacturing otherwise more questions will be asked.

    It’s her missteps that made her vulnerable to a challenge and it could easily happen again.

  2. Andrew Clark


    Now we have had the great storm in the tea cup. How about some consideration about who were the winners and loosers in the media beat up. To much to ask ?

    If that to much how about a list of how media can regain its terminal loss of faith between now and next election.


  3. Brad Sprigg

    Personally I think the only winner is Albo. He timed his announcement of support for Rudd at the perfect time to get maximum play in the press, and came out of it looking like he had class an conviction. He also did it in such a way to appear above the venom being thrown by each side, and in such a way that he has not damaged his position too much with the current leader, but stood far enough away that if things go to hell, he can be seen as opposing the other guy during the last spill. Could he possibly position as a future leader?

  4. Socratease

    @Brad Sprigg: Could [Albanese] possibly position as a future leader?

    How does he now sit with the pre-selection standover men of the Labor machine?

  5. Lord Barry Bonkton

    Bernard , what about the other winner ? Habib , won the court case against the Sydney Shock Jocks to the tune of $176 ,000 + claiming he was on a pension when he wasn’t .

  6. nerk

    I think you’ve got it exactly backwards David. Gillard’s problem is that she’s *only* been good at getting things done. A chronic failure of spin. The biggest stuff-ups have all been when she’s been trying to play the empty populism game like Abbott (eg Malaysia).

    There’s a saying – never wrestle with a pig – you both get filthy and the pig loves it.

  7. Filth Dimension

    Does Tony Abbott have anything to offer? His speech is embarrassing in its desperation and shallowness.

  8. Socratease

    The only winner in Labor is one of Stephen Smith, Bill Shorten or, just maybe, Simon (“safe pair of hands”) Crean,

    Leave Crean off the list. They should create the position of Anesthetist-General for him, so good is his ability to put an entire room to sleep.

  9. Michael de Angelos

    Could someone in the Coalition please tell Tony Abbott that the party chooses the PM and not the people.

  10. Lloyd McDonald

    Considering how badly everyone was predicting the party was suffering from this, the latest Newspoll gives some hope that now the Kevin07 threat has been neutered Gillard may indeed get some clear air to sell her achievements which have been considerable.

    The fact that Abbott has been going backwards so precipitously makes me think the narrative may well change.

    Julia has been really impressive this week, I wouldn’t be writing her off so savagely bernard. You are starting to channel Michelle Grattan I think of all the media commentators she’s been quite appalling the last 2 weeks.

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