Feb 25, 2012

While Kevin woos Labor, Therese embroiled in UK labour scandal

Kevin Rudd's PM pitch is not the only thing consuming his family. Wife Therese Rein's Ingeus has become embroiled in the "welfare-to-work" scandal currently engulfing the UK.

Ingeus Ltd, the employment and placement company run by Therese Rein, has become embroiled in the “welfare-to-work” scandal currently engulfing the UK.

The company is one of three major private sector managers of the Cameron government’s various welfare-to-work schemes, in which unemployed people receiving the job-seekers allowance are put in full-time work placements.

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20 thoughts on “While Kevin woos Labor, Therese embroiled in UK labour scandal

  1. Suzanne Blake

    Fairwork should volunteer to investgate, it will be buried for years.

  2. Rosanne

    Hi, I have a few comments from the UK. It’s great you’ve run this article. A4e is just the tip of the poverty profiteering iceberg so it’s good to expand the focus on the other companies that are making a killing out of this too.
    However, there’s one small correction I’d like to make: Chris Grayling “called the Right To Work campaign a ‘front’ for the Socialist Workers Party, without telling us why that invalidated their arguments.”
    This seems to accept that SWP/RTW are a prime mover in the campaign against workfare.
    But its Boycott Workfare, a grassroots claimant-led network, that has been organising against workfare for several years. This includes workfare in its New Labour guise as the ‘Flexible New Deal’. This network has been the prime mover in actions, campaigning and in the upcoming UK-wide Day of Action on 3 March.
    In fact, in local anti-cuts activity in South London the SWP/RTW has been distinctly uninterested in claimant-led initiatives against workfare. These initiatives don’t come from the trade unions, you see (though it has gone on to link with unions and gather support)!
    Here are links to the Boycott Workfare website and the campaign’s Facebook page:

  3. Chris Johnson

    Its a shame Australia’s gene pool is so shallow. Ingeus Chairman David Gonski who this week delivered the Government’s major review of our education system must be hamstrung for impartial comment while Kevin sits in parliament and Bruce Hawker, Rudd’s campaign manager runs Government media and communications?

  4. shepherdmarilyn

    My god, the Australian media destroyed Rein here, now you want to do it in Britain.

    I think all those sorts of schemes are trash but is there or has there ever been a trace of evidence in two countries that Rein has ever done anything wrong.

  5. Lord Barry Bonkton

    More Millionaires making their money on the backs of the poor and down trodden ?
    S.B/ Truthie stop flogging the dead donkey , maybe we should get the mob that did the AWB scandal to look into it ????????????

  6. Gilly from St Arnaud

    Perhaps we comment writers should be paid by the candidates or parties we support, so the voters dont come to the conclusion they are using slave labor to write supporting articles on policy options?

  7. shepherdmarilyn

    Emma Harrison is in trouble for renting her own properties out for vast sums to her own company and four of her staff have been accused of fraud.

    Rein is not even remotely mentioned in the scam, it merely points out in the stories that she has a large contract in England – almost the same size as SERCO have here to jail refugees.

    Strange how the “meeja” in Australia can’t help themselves when they want to monster the Rudds.

  8. The Old Bill

    Never thought I would be old enough to say this BUT

    When I was a lad_____________

    I worked as a cleaner at age 14 for ADULT wages! There was no bullshit junior wage, or trainee wage until I had “Certificate II in Mop Handling Skills”. If I didn’t work, I lost my job.
    We have Government keeping people in High School who shouldn’t be there.
    Mining Companies crying out for “skilled labour” because they can’t be stuffed to teach someone how to drive a big truck, and a shortage of Trade skills because you have to have year 12 to dig a hole in the ground and lay pipes!!
    Meanwhile, Youth unemployment is up and those that want to work are offered “job experience” in lieu of proper wages.

    Not quite on topic, but the above story points out exactly where we are going wrong. i.e. Pandering to large business and devaluing the integrity of the average teenager, by telling them they can’t work a till / stack shelves / clean a toilet / dig a hole, without ‘work experience” and preferably, a school or TAFE provided “Certificate” in time wasting!!!

  9. SBH

    Look Marylin is spot on here. There’s no valid reason for this headline. You could say that Igneus is implementing government policy but to say it’s embroiled in a scandal is just a slur.

    By way of disclosure, I don’t support Rudd, think Rein should keep out of politics or jump fully in and think work for the dole schemes are a blight on society but then so is sensational and unsubstantiated rumour masquerading as informed or reasonable comment.

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