Feb 21, 2012

The rise and rise of mining company donations

Big mining money has shifted behind the Coalition and poses a serious threat to Labor if maintained.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Labor’s mining tax and the resources boom may have permanently and significantly changed the balance of political donations, with millions of dollars flowing from mining companies to the Coalition, Australian Electoral Commission data shows.

Mining companies began increasing their stake in the political process before the financial crisis, favouring the Coalition but also contributing to Labor. However, the mining tax saw an extraordinary increase in donations to the Coalition that has opened up a huge funding resource for the Liberals.

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33 thoughts on “The rise and rise of mining company donations

  1. guytaur

    Time for the afeds to follow NSW’s example. Either that or to void controversy over cutting out a group like unions go for ban all political donations and all be publicly funded.
    The losers would be taxpayers and advertising agencies.

  2. James K

    A number of European democracies ban large political donations. An individual or a company can only give up to a certain relatively small figure, in a calendar year. We should do the same.

    because as the old saying goes: he who pays the piper, calls the tune….

  3. tido wales

    “The list doesn’t include Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton, who no longer donate or only provide small donations; given they can pick and choose prime ministers and dictate how much tax they pay, donations would appear to be of limited value for the big foreign miners.”


  4. tido wales

    so, why is there a senate inquiry into the green’s relationship with graeme wood, and no such scrutiny for libs relationships with miners?

  5. James K

    Because the greens are a minority in the senate? Easy to pick on?

  6. liliwyt

    @ Tido – “why … no such scrutiny for libs relationships with miners?” Indeed.

    Maybe we should get politicians to start wearing endorsements on their clothes – like racing car drivers, or footballers. That would help the transparency issue. There would be no way we could get the political animals to stop sucking at the teat of their political donors.

  7. Meski

    And all this money being given to the Coalition comes with no ties whatsoever, and in other news, scientists have found the moon is made of cheese.

  8. Microseris

    We have a democracy in name only. Miners buy favour with the politicians and guide public opinion via their influence in the media. By definition legalised systemic corruption.

  9. Suzanne Blake

    I suppose it partly evens up the Union donations to ALP

  10. Flower

    Some joke that. Here we have an international mining behemoth (running the country) whose bloodied hands are so filthy that even the blowflies know not to touch them.

    “Australia is a lucky country, run by second-rate people,” greed merchants and ecocidal freaks.

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