Feb 21, 2012

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35 thoughts on “Private School Hit List? Australia says yes!

  1. DF

    Dunno about the politics of it but I do know about the nausea. When I see that my taxes contributed 70% of Geelong Grammar’s profit (profit? is there a dividend payout?), I feel sick, and it’s not with envy, it’s with injustice.

  2. Crispy

    Mmm. Baked Rump of Year 3 Trinity Prep Student. A modest proposal, Mr FirstDog. Australia says yes please.

  3. Mike Jones

    Clearly the Hereditary Privilege Transmitronic 3000 is ready for an optional boater-powered barbecue function.

    Not just “poit”, but fzzzizzzz, squarp, pishazzz.

    Well done. with dead horse and mustard, please Firsty. Hold them onions.

  4. zut alors

    Did Gonski recommend the introduction of fags for senior pupils at private schools? Not smokeable fags, the obeisant variety.

  5. Sandshoe

    Love the Heath Robinson style machine for the transmission…frame #3.

  6. Andybob

    Don’t know much about history ….

  7. archibald

    I’m getting a whole new perspective on Junior Masterchef.

  8. drmick

    Where did our money go? The current crop of chinless special tie wearing hoorays on the right side of the dressage ring did not do any maths science or geography because they cant do a budget and distrust science and the certainty and accuracy it provides. No winners there. They obviously didn’t attend charm school; and it is equally obvious that any moral or ethical education regarding the truth or facts was blocked from their hearing by the extra finger.

  9. paddy

    That last tasty panel is a gem FD.
    “Would you like foie gras with that?”

    Mmmmm…..Yes please!

  10. Holden Back

    An episode of Iron Chef to which I look forward, “The Private Schoolboy Challenge”.

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