Feb 21, 2012

Albanese’s shipping tax fiddle a taxpayer rort

Government’s growing enthusiasm for handouts is on display, with Anthony Albanese releasing draft legislation to give the Australian shipping industry $62 million in annual tax benefits and concessions. Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane report.

The government’s growing enthusiasm for industry handouts was on display yesterday when, with politics and the media dominated by the argy bargy over the prime ministership, Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese released for comment draft legislation to give the Australian shipping industry $62 million in generous annual tax benefits and concessions.


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25 thoughts on “Albanese’s shipping tax fiddle a taxpayer rort

  1. gapot

    If you can get a crew from the 3rd world to work for $5.00 dollars a day to work on Australian flaged ships you would need too spend a lot of tax payers money to make it viable. We need jobs for the vast unskilled masses that are on the dole and we cant expect that money supply to keep coming in future.

  2. Whistleblower

    Another union focused rort. Albanese is a complete and utter disgrace. Tax payers dollars are being used to nothing more than boosting union membership. This is another appalling misuse of political power by the Gillard government.

  3. Matt Hardin

    Serious question. What will Australians do once we outsource all of our jobs in the name of efficiency?

  4. Gavin Moodie

    Depending on what is meant by ‘outsource’, no country can outsource all its jobs: waiting on tables, caring for the infirm, nursing and teaching all have to be done on shore. Since services account for the big majority of jobs in all advanced economies, there will remain plenty of jobs even if most jobs in the primary and secondary industries were exported.

    But employment need not even fall in Australia’s primary and secondary industries if Australia increases its innovation in these industries.

  5. geomac

    The article has one big flaw in that the decimation of the ANL by Howard is not mentioned . In the USA all ships that work the mainland are manned , built and owned by american companies , the Jones act . Howards determination to kill off unions destroyed our shipping line and allowed foreign ships to not only gain more work but push out Australian workers doing coastal shipping .

  6. Suzanne Blake

    @ Matt Hardin

    Good question.

  7. Suzanne Blake

    @ Whistleblower

    Correct, its all about boosting Union Membership

  8. snesn1

    Albanese’s electorate currently lacks a viable shipping industry. With the appropriate subsidies we could have packet steamers plying the Cook’s River delivering premium coffee blends to the cafes that front this magnificent artery.

    Think of the boost to national pride and the marvellous tourist attraction that would result. Surely this is another Year of Implementation and what a visionary implementation this would be. Such projects are truly the mark of a Great Society.

  9. Matt Hardin

    I am aware that some jobs cannot be outsourced but I note that none of your examples are high status, high paying jobs. Will our children be left to look after the plutocracy as they flit through on their way to somewhere else – or stay because they like the weather? Are we moving away from the classless society because we have decided that profit is more important than society?

    It is a serious question. What do we do when we stop being a country and start being an economic unit? What does that mean for the people?

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