How many really leave Qantas? Some 500 Qantas jobs will go in the embattled company’s latest cost-cutting drive. But how many departed in the last round of redundancies? “To my knowledge,” says one insider, “not one single pilot was made redundant. Is Qantas making phantom announcements to make it look like its doing something?” We would have thought the bad headlines aren’t worth the effort, but who knows?

Nine diverts IT support to London. Apparently new Nine Entertainment employees (across all divisions, from ACP Magazines to television) are having to wait a while to receive a company computer because management decided to direct all resources to making sure Nine has the London Olympics well and truly covered later this year. Our company mole says it’s leading to an IT shortage, so newbies are asked to twiddle their thumbs and wait.

Nile’s call for ‘traditional Aussie marriage’. Christian crusader and NSW MP Fred Nile has written to “concerned Australians” (and those not particularly concerned, apparently) with a “call to action” against gay marriage. A Crikey reader found this pamphlet in their letterbox and “spent too long over breakfast defacing it” …

Among Nile’s Bible-borrowing tips for defeating any motion: meet your local federal MP, write to your local newspaper, ring talkback stations (“express your opposition to same-s-x homos-xual ‘marriage’ and your support for traditional Aussie Marriage between a man and a woman”) and support upcoming prayer rallies and a “Jesus March” in Sydney. The Labor Party platform on gay marriage is, he says, “the greatest challenge to our Christian heritage, culture and values”.

A new bed on the road to Canberra. Australians know the road to Canberra — or the city itself, let’s be honest — doesn’t exactly scream sophistication and style. But for some reason US brand Tommy Bahama thought the journey to our capital perfectly summed up its luxury range of furniture, with its “rugged beauty and indigenous style”.

The homely range offers “an outback vibe with out front style”, according to the company website. Not surprisingly, it’s not actually available in Australia.