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Feb 17, 2012

New online Tele … Rupert visits Wapping … Ten’s NRL bid …

Yesterday, Sydney's Daily Telegraph newspaper "refreshed" its website. Plus other media news of the day ...

Daily Tele ‘refreshes’ online. Yesterday, the Sydney Daily Telegraph “refreshed” its website …

Editor Paul Whittaker told Crikey that “the website masthead was refreshed yesterday as part of the ongoing improvements to our digital products, including our new mSite”. The change to the online masthead follows the use of the URL for the past 18 months.

Roy Morgan research released in November last year showed the Tele’s website presence was dramatically less than that of it’s Fairfax rival The Sydney Morning Herald and the rebranding may be part of a concerted effort by The Daily Telegraph to redress this difference.

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source July 2010 — June 2011 (n = 51,951).

Meanwhile, the masthead for the hard copy edition of The Daily Telegraph isn’t going anywhere. “The newspaper masthead name will not be changing,” reassured Whittaker. — Leigh Josey

Front page of the day. Today’s Geelong Advertiser pleads with Qantas CEO Alan Joyce to spare the Flying Kangaroo’s Avalon — the airport near Geelong — airport.

Ten to bid for complete NRL rights

“In what is sure to be music to the ears of rugby league administrators, the Ten Network is believed to have entered the bidding war for the NRL rights, aiming to steal them from their long-time broadcaster the Nine Network.” — Media Spy

Murdoch expected to visit Sun staff at Wapping

“Rupert Murdoch is expected to arrive at his Wapping headquarters in London on Friday morning facing probably the most serious revolt by News International journalists in his 40-plus years as a newspaper proprietor in the UK.” — The Guardian

Syrian media activist, famous blogger arrested: activists

“Syrian opposition activists say government forces Thursday arrested a prominent activist and journalist along with a well-known blogger and more than a dozen other journalists and activists.” — Los Angeles Times

Western journos attacked in Chinese village amid unrest

“A group of men attacked a Western journalist as he reported in the Chinese village of Panhe, where anger over land swaps erupted into protests this month and ignited comparisons to last year’s rebellion in the town of Wukan, the Foreign Correspondents Club of China said on Thursday.” — New York Times

Lords: fines could fund investigative journalism

“An ‘investigative journalism fund’ — paid for by fines against news organisations that breach industry codes of conduct — could be set up to help boost investment in original, quality reporting, a House of Lords committee has suggested.” —

Why BuzzFeed as a real news site is no laughing matter

“The thing that throws off many traditional media people is the BuzzFeed’s LOL-WTF-OMG approach to content. What in the world could this site have to offer in the way of real news?” — Poynter

AFL bids for .afl domain name

“The AFL took a step into the future yesterday by announcing it was the first major Australian brand to bid for its own bespoke internet address. ” — The Australian

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4 thoughts on “New online Tele … Rupert visits Wapping … Ten’s NRL bid …

  1. Meski

    The Hourly Telegraph, perhaps, to be more inline with its online nature?

    Seeing the picture of Joyce in front of the jet engine, makes me think longingly of the saying:

    Eagles May Soar… – But weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines.

    He could be the first…

  2. zut alors

    Dropping the ‘Daily’ to merely ‘Telegraph’ should make the world of difference.

    It’s a toss up whether the paper’s executives are even more stupid than the readers.

  3. tido wales

    wow, if i consider the poll results in light of the hun v age readership, i just wonder what it would look like if the hun actually printed balanced material. i guess teddy has a lot to thank no news for.

  4. tido wales

    vic poll results that is.