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Feb 17, 2012

Recipe for a beat-up

Start with the headline, and work backwards. Pick a theme. In this case, riff off the idea of a game show giveaway.

Recipe for a beat up:

Start with the headline, and work backwards. Pick a theme. In this case, riff off the idea of a game show giveaway.
"Welcome, asylum seekers -- Chris Bowen and Julia Gillard's ship of fortune"
(Include optional sidebar headlines such as "Weapons found on asylum seekers" and "$1 billion to keep asylum seekers".) Add a photoshopped image (remember to tie in with your theme):

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39 thoughts on “Recipe for a beat-up

  1. Meski

    Some of my fellow Australians disgust me.

  2. klewso

    That’s not a “beat up” – that’s a “beat-off” (all some “journo’s” seem to need is a mirror and a window of opportunity) isn’t it? “Telly-chubbies” again?
    And the none too subliminal reference to “boatload”?
    No wonder so many get mistaken for “germalists”?

  3. Down and Out of Sài Gòn

    I share your feeling, Meski. Sometimes it’s because they sound like horrible people, and sometimes it is because they are so easily scammed.

  4. Steve777

    The way that News Limited tabloids demonise asylum seekers to boost circulation and further the proprietors’ political agenda is an absolute disgrace. What do they want , for asylum seekers to be locked up in a black hole and kept on bread and water for the crime of seeking our protection from persecution? And I find at absolutely amazing that the Telegraph would link this story to the Health Insurance Rebate changes.

    I don’t know what we can do about this. In my opinion the Telegraph is coming close to inciting r-cial h-tred. At the very least it is attacking very vulnerable people who have committed no crime. We have to call these types of appeals to baser instincts and motives for for what they are. For a start we can boycott the publications that perpetrate this malevolent rubbish and let our families and friends know why.

    I tried to add this comment to the article on the Telegraph’s online edition this morning. Guess what? They didn’t publish it.

  5. Gareth

    Gemma Jones strikes again.

  6. Arty

    Truth emulates fiction and vice versa.

  7. graybul

    Do you not think Crikey . . It is overdue for you to go onto the front foot to redress the deluge of News Corp and Federal Opposition’s misleading, divisive innuendo, omission or outright vitriolic falsification of “news” as opposed to ‘comment’? In my view this Nation’s cohesiveness, identity and values are under attack on a level unparalleled in my 74 years. – Non member of any Political Party and disenfranchised by reality of no access to “comparative” Policy.

  8. Whistleblower

    I suppose is difficult for the intelligentsia (Crikey readers?) to listen to the hoi polloi objecting to their tax dollars being spent to fund Club Med type arrangements for so-called refugees with sufficient wherewithal to buy their way to the head of people smuggling queue, now receiving a bundle of household goods, free accommodation, and apparently free electricity, free medical care, etc as well as an ongoing living allowance while many Australians are doing it hard.

    While the “lotus eaters” are getting their rocks off by encouraging more of these freeloaders to come into the country, the ordinary people are suffering, workers are losing their jobs, the government can’t balance its budget, and the ship of fools running the country just ploughs on.

    Whilst the journalism may be tacky, the underlying message needs to be understood. The Victorian Herald Sun had a more balanced article this morning, but essentially delivering the same message.

    Perhaps the relevant Minister concerned could give a public statement as to the the cost of the “package” being given to “asylum seekers” released into the community, (because the detention centres are overflowing as a consequence of Labor’s lax border control policies). The cost to the country, on a per capita basis, per household basis, and on an aggregate budgetary impact basis as well should be provided. Then we could examine the facts and have more balanced journalism.

    However I suspect the relevant Minister will run a mile because of the embarrassment associated with the disclosure of the substantial amounts involved as a consequence of the failure of Labor’s border control policy.

    It should also be noted that apparently the Red Cross is doing the government’s “dirty work” for it in distributing these resources, not the government agency Centrelink, and god knows what other backdoor mechanisms are being used to hide the financial impact of breakdown in border control.

    It should be noted that some of our indigenous community members cannot be housed because of housing shortages, and there are thousands of people sleeping rough in capital cities, yet we are finding housing for each of these so-called refugees. Not only are they jumping the refugee queue is to get into the country are also jumping the housing queues once they get here.

  9. shepherdmarilyn

    There is a depravity in this country that thinks it is great to persecute instead of protect.

    And still Gillard and Abbott bring it down to slogans of ‘stop the boats’ as if they have some fucking legal right to do such a thing.

    They also waited to state that the refugees don’t get to keep anything.

    They are in fact kicked out with zero when they become residents.

  10. Bill Hilliger

    Just watch, Gina Rinehart will bring to Australia’s the version of Fox News to the fore. The refugee item would make just the right fodder for such a news channel. Just imagine what Allan Jones the Bill O’reilly / Glenn Beck of Aussie Fox News would do with this sort of article. Believe it, there are plenty of Trev of Sydney wingnuts out there.

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