It seems every bona fide film blog these days has its own podcast. I figured it was time for Cinetology to join the fold. Teaming up with fellow film obsessive Rich Haridy — a man with whom I have shared many a spirited discussion — we present for your listening pleasure the pilot episode of our new show The Parallax Podcast.

Every fortnight Rich and I will review and debate two new flicks from the cinema and two new release DVDs, then welcome Zak Hepburn — our resident cult film expert — onto the couch to pluck from his collection something mind-bogglingly strange.

In this episode, which clocks in at around 35 minutes (future eps will be closer to the half hour mark) Rich and I cover off on:

  • survival in the wilderness thriller The Grey;
  • silent film and Oscar front runner The Artist;
  • writer/director Miranda July’s The Future;
  • the notorious The Human Centipede 2; then
  • Zak joins us to chin wag about a 1983 film almost too weird to describe.

Listen using Sound Cloud above or right click here and chose “save as…” to download the MP3 file.


n. par-uh-laks
1. the apparent displacement of an observed object due to a change in the position of the observer.