Feb 14, 2012

Thousands of jobs gone

Crikey media wrap: A volatile financial climate -- thanks to a high Aussie dollar and pressures from Europe -- is resulting in thousands of Australian jobs being cut from finance, retail and manufacturing industries.

Amber Jamieson — Freelance journalist in New York

Amber Jamieson

Freelance journalist in New York

A volatile financial climate — thanks to a high Aussie dollar and pressures from Europe — is resulting in thousands of Australian jobs being cut from banking, retail and manufacturing industries.

One thousand Australian jobs will be cut from ANZ this year and government pressure over maintaining interest rates forced the job reductions, the bank announced yesterday.

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4 thoughts on “Thousands of jobs gone

  1. FunkyJ

    There’s also been a massive decline in the number of video game jobs.

    A once vibrant industry which hired thousands of people is reduced to a cottage industry, and when talented, artistic, and creative people either leave Australia in droves, or turn to more mundane work to get a wage, and it’s not covered in the mainstream press or even Crikey, it pisses me off no end!

    I really hope Daniel Golding’s Game On blog gives more visibility to this industry amongst Crikey’s readership.

    It’s just as important socially and critically as the other arts which are featured heavily in Crikey’s pages, especially in terms of generating dollar value, which is all that seems to matter to people these days.

  2. Karen

    Reith’s remarks are so disingenuous – What, no point bashing the banks who are immensely profitable and can absorb the higher funding costs!?

  3. Steven Warren

    FunkyJ, Agreed.

    Most of the problem there is that there are no real game publishers here in Australia and there is no government funding for games production.

    So when a US publishing house sees that they have to pay Australian’s more thanks to the Aussie dollar they decide to invest in US games companies instead. Essentially the local games industry is one of the first major victims of our mineral export industry.

    Failing to realise this and helping assist the local industry here set up it’s own publishing companies has been one of the governments biggest failings especially after our Universities and gaming companies have been working so hard to train people for the industry only to export them all overseas now.

    I guess we can blame groups like the ACL who go out of their way to denigrate computer games as an art form and poison any debate on the issue.

  4. Peter Ormonde

    Oooh look here we go again … the union leaders blowing in Canberra, cap in hand begging on behalf of the bosses… mouthing their numbers, pleading their cause. Sad isn’t it?

    Is that really the best all these clever new generation of “labour leaders” can manage? The Provisional Wing of the bosses’ HR Department.

    What should ALCOA be undertaking by way of this hand-out? What should you be offering? What’s in it for us?

    How about slashing your union’s block of votes within the ALP for a start?

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