Feb 14, 2012

Rundle: to hell with The Sun, let it rot

Having debased the profession, News now demands solidarity from the media in the name of free speech. Let it rot, writes Guy Rundle from London. The UK would be better for it.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


News International is in crisis today, with open warfare breaking out between different sections of the British branch of the organisation.


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24 thoughts on “Rundle: to hell with The Sun, let it rot

  1. puddleduck

    Am I the only person mean-spirited enough to wonder, did Rebekah Brooks have a baby by surrogate in an attempt to shield herself from potential imprisonment, if she’s charged and convicted?

  2. paddy

    A thoroughly enjoyable spray Guy.

    Watching the decline and fall of the house of Murdoch, has been one of the finest entertainments available these last few months.
    Even better, the thought of Rupert having to attend his own (virtual) execution, brings a whole new dimension to the concept of schadenfreude.

  3. Mike Flanagan

    Well done Guy;
    We are at last getting to the truth of this dishonourable
    leader of a morally and ethically bankrupt organisation.
    All his minions should recall his oath of loyalty to Rebekka and co,
    to quickly send them on their way with brown envelope full of his
    misgotten banknotes.
    It also should be understood that his management’s “co-operation’
    with the police enquiry is to thwart the police by denying them the right
    to issue writs for his files, as proscribed under UK law where
    ‘cooperation’ is identified.
    It is time that the english speaking world set about applying the
    “fit to operate” criteria to such people, with such base ethical and
    criminal attention to their responsibilities.

  4. Steve Gardner

    Paddy, it’s only schadenfreude when you’re enjoying the failure of your friends. For me, the downfall of Murdoch is attended by feelings that oscillate between grim satisfaction and glee.

  5. Meski

    schadenfreude — n delight in another’s misfortune

    Doesn’t have to be friend, and lets face it, there aren’t that many friends of Murdoch these days. Sad, that they were all fair weather friends.

  6. rossco

    How will all this get reported in Ltd News papers in Australia? Will be interesting to see but I won’t be reading any of it.

  7. paddy

    Whew! Thanks Meski.
    For a minute there, I was breaking out in a cold sweat, imagining what people would think of me.
    A *friend* of Murdoch….Perish the thought. 🙂

  8. Ian Brown

    Steve – according to the Oxford Dictionary (online), schadenfreude is: pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune – ie it doesn’t have to be the misfortune suffered by a friend (altho that might heighten the pleasure? – the obverse of Gore Vidal’s comment to the effect that a little bit of him died whenever he heard of a friend’s success)

  9. DF

    As one Eminence Grease declines, another appears – the Rhinestone Cowgirl. Will no-one free us from these meddling, deluded billionaires? That galah, Helen Kroger, on QandA last night showed her incapacity for her elected position by equating Rhinestone’s buy-in of an established media company to Greg Wood’s start-up investment in Global Mail. Wood is an entrepreneur, Rhinestone is a barnacle.

  10. Edward James

    As Rupert Murdoch returns to Britain to deal with the arrest of five more journalists and editors from another red top The Sun. How long till the USA consider his suitability to be involved in media in the USA? Edward James

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