Textor’s turbulent Tweet. Influential pollster and political strategist Mark Textor employed some colourful turns of phrase when he lambasted Peter Brent’s Australian contributions on Twitter last night. The offending item, perhaps not surprisingly, has now been deleted. A language warning for those of a more delicate sensibility: don’t read past here …

Daily Mail editor refuses to retract Hugh Grant accusation

“The editor of the Daily Mail, Paul Dacre, refused to retract his accusations that the actor Hugh Grant had lied, during sometimes angry exchanges at the Leveson inquiry on Thursday.” — The Guardian

Texas jury deliberating over who, if anyone, owns the web

“The Eolas patent case, just submitted to a jury in the ‘rose capital’ of Texas boils down to one question: ‘Who was first?’ The answer to that question will determine whether the rich, interactive web as we know it is owned by the world or whether that core technology is actually owned by an obscure company that will be able to extract royalties from a mind-bogglingly wide swath of the web.” — Wired

Gambia asks UN to probe journo’s disappearance

“Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has asked the United Nations to investigate the disappearance of several journalists in the tiny West African country that rights groups accuse of persecuting media workers, the U.N. rights chief said.” — Reuters