Sport chiefs lobby for broadcasting rights exclusivity. A few months back, when crafting our Sport power list, we identified the industry’s multi-billion dollar broadcasting rights as one of the most important pillars of influence. Now, we’re seeing just how willing broadcasters and administrators are to fight for their slice of the action.

Yesterday, bosses from the country’s major sporting codes met with the federal government to lobby for changes to copyright legislation, after a recent court ruling permitted Optus to record and transmit matches on mobile devices with as little as a one minute delay. — The Power Index (read the full story here)

MacBank CVs wash up, Moore looks for answers. The benefit of hindsight would always be nice. But for Macquarie Group chief executive Nicholas Moore, it would have been especially nice to have foreseen just how deep the European debt crisis would cut before the bank made a series of acquisitions on the continent.

That’s the message our No. 9 Money Mover took to his bank’s operational briefing in Sydney yesterday, according to The Australian Financial Review. Knowing what they know now, said Moore, they “probably wouldn’t have done that” — Angela Priestley (read the full story here)

Megaphones watch: Bolt, Albrechtsen, Jones, Hadley. The Bolt Report is being used by some commentators as proof of Gina Rinehart’s plans to use Fairfax to advance a conservative, pro-mining agenda. According to Bolt himself, that’s a load of tosh.

In his column today, he writes it wasn’t Rinehart who put him in front of the Channel 10 cameras, it was then acting CEO Lachlan Murdoch. — Angela Priestley (read the full story here)

World leaders have 18 months: Lindsay Fox. The state of politics today is “like making love with no satisfaction at the end”, says billionaire business tycoon Lindsay Fox. Not only that, but he believes current world leaders have just 18 months left before they will all be thrown out of power because of their inability to curb the global financial crisis.

Quite a claim from the 10th richest person in Australia. Fox, whose fortune is valued at $2.1 billion, believes it’s time for a huge global political overhaul. — Lucy Clark (read the full story here)