Kyle Killen is either one of the luckiest guys in Hollywood, or the most unlucky.

A spec script penned by Killen about a man with a beaver puppet became highly sought after when it made the Black List in 2008. The script sold, but after some difficulty in going into production with a lead, Mel Gibson was hired. Just before the film was due to come out, the Gibson controversy hit and effectively sunk the movie.

Prior to The Beaver being released, Killen signed a deal to get a TV show up and running. The show, Lone Star, was critically well received and had an astoundingly good pilot. The show was about a con man in love with two different ladies as he lives two different lives. He’s married to just one of them – the daughter of an oil baron that he’s attempting to swindle. Despite being the best new show of 2010, the show opened to exceedingly low ratings and was cancelled after the second episode.

In a couple of weeks, Killen has another shot. Awake is launching as a mid-season replacement for the failed The Firm reboot at NBC. Again working on a theme of duality, this new show is about a man involved in a car accident in which his son is killed, but his wife lives. The hook with this show is that the man also lives in a reality in which the wife is killed, but his son lives. Which reality is real and are they in any way connected?

Awake was met with massive support from the critics who have seen the show and it looks very promising.


Expect it to be cancelled before it begins screening locally.