At last Kevin Rudd – who admittedly has been fairly vocal about the need to get rid of the vile butcher Bashar Al-Assad — has issued a statement about the overnight failure of the Security Council (after China and Russia blocked action) and Assad’s mass murder in Homs.


The Hon. Kevin Rudd MP


The Australian Government is appalled by the failure of the United Nation Security Council to adopt a resolution that would pave the way for a political transition in Syria and stem the violence against the Syrian people.

Those states who opposed the resolution in New York now have a responsibility to make plain what alternative plans they have for ending the bloodshed in Homs, Hama, Damascus and across Syria, where more than five thousand people have already lost their lives.

The resolution was the result of extensive negotiations, based on the Arab League plan, and was designed to stem the violence and set in train an inclusive political resolution to the conflict. The resolution had the support of all other Council members.

The Security Council result comes at the same time as heightened violence in Homs which has reportedly claimed 260 lives since Friday.
“We condemn the appalling violence in Syria and extend our deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones in the most recent attacks,” Foreign Minister Rudd said.

“Those who have stood against the UN resolution need to consider the implications of their action,” Mr Rudd said.
“The proper course for the international community is to work to end the violence and support regional efforts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis.”

“Assad has lost all legitimacy.  In the interests of the Syrian people, he should step aside and allow democratic political reform to begin.”

Australia imposes sanctions against members of the Syrian regime involved in violence and repression. Australia’s autonomous sanctions regime imposes travel and financial restrictions against 34 individuals and 13 entities.
The Government also expresses its deep concern at the disturbance of the Syrian embassy last night. The Government is fully mindful of its obligations under the Vienna Convention and the proper protection of diplomatic consular personnel and property. The Australian Federal Police is investigating this incident. Such behaviour has no place in Australia.


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