Are the mentally ill still in need? A local from the flood-hit regions of Queensland relays a sad story: a raft of people throughout the Lockyer and Brisbane valleys plus Ipswich and greater Brisbane continue to suffer post-traumatic stress, they say, either knowingly or unknowingly. “They need to have psychological and economic assistance attention. Particularly children. The public of Australia stumped up money for this type of need — it seems the Queensland bureaucracy have only managed to spend $750 million of $2 billion available.”

IT outage plagues timetable flurry. Macquarie University students were the only ones suffering through a major IT meltdown during the all-important period of timetable organisation, as we reported yesterday. We’re told Melbourne University had similar outages, with students locked out on Monday and into Tuesday. Apparently it was due to a spike in traffic from students trying to lock in classes — which you would have thought they might have expected …

Training company shuts its doors. What’s the major training company said to have gone under, according to an anonymous tipster to this morning’s 3AW Rumour File, and is set to take down some 400-500 students with it?

Check the qualifications on those AMs. Who’s the prominent Melbourne figure insisting “AM” be placed after his name? He’s not a member of the Order of Australia, as you’d likely deduce, but was awarded an Australian Sports Medal (among thousands of others) which carries no nominal entitlement. A case of misrepresentation …?

Eat chocolate, lose weight. Really. Our favourite — and most ridiculous — press release of the week, with this pitch from publicist Jess Keogh: “If you thought you had to cut out your daily chocolate hit to lose weight, think again. QUICKSLIM has come to the rescue with the launch of SLIMMIES, the first chocolate in Australia containing ingredients clinically proven assist in weight loss.” We’re sold.