Feb 3, 2012

Gina Rinehart definitely doesn’t like the internet

Would-be media mogul Gina Rinehart might need to brush up on the internet, which she thinks is a threat to her life.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Australia's newest media mogul might need a crash course on new media. It appears her grasp of it is, shall we say, about as poor as some of the intra-family relationships she's trying to keep from scrutiny. Attached to the affidavit from Gina Rinehart's lawyer outlining why she fears the lifting of the suppression order could jeopardise the safety of her family are a number of examples from ... the internet. Including, ahem, us.

We in the media collectively hand-wring over how horrible comments can be under online stories. But there is a significant difference between nasty, crude and at times not particularly witty, and a genuine threat to someone's life or property. Exhibit A: yes, that'd be Crikey commenters. As usual everyone cops a serve, including the Labor government for watering down the mining tax. But no one's threatening anyone's safety here:

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8 thoughts on “Gina Rinehart definitely doesn’t like the internet

  1. puddleduck

    A bit of a hoot, indeed. So Mrs Rinehart would like mouthpieces to spout her views, but no one is allowed to talk about her interests with her name in the sentence?

    And does this mean her people read Crikey? Or were these bits taken from eithe rpublic pieces on Crikey, or were you the subject of a subpoena?

    I’ve been wondering why she doesn’t start her own newspaper? Why buy and dominate another paper? Build in one’s own image, dear. Or at least, Daddy’s. The Hancock Tribune? The Pilbara Bugle?

  2. drovers cat

    Well, if she reads crikey she can’t be all that stupid. Is she a squatter?

    btw I am only responding here in order to appear in a future crikey story … can’t stand the woman, really

  3. Coaltopia

    From the now infamous Age bio:

    “What made headlines were courtroom revelations that Rinehart had paid potential witnesses (more than $200,000 in one instance). Coroner Alastair Hope spoke of gross irregularities in Rinehart’s private investigation, and of the “potential corrupting effect on the evidence of witnesses”, but did not recommend action. Jim McGinty, then attorney-general in the Labor state government, described the payments as “one of the most unsavoury and improper episodes ever seen in a Western Australian court”

    So, now is Fairfax the personification of a witness which can be paid into silence? (While maintaining a stasi-like minions to trawl comments and suppress dissent).

  4. Steven Warren

    Wait so Rina can pay a witness $200,000 but one of her kids only has $60,000 to their name…..

    That’s what the kids are doing wrong. They should selling their services as character witness in her favour, in the same court case they are prosecuting against her trying to wrest the family trust off her.

    Guaranteed pay-out for the kids.

    I hope these comments make it into her next court submission.

  5. Holden Back

    Someone said something rude about ME on teh interwebz!?

    Off with their head!

  6. Edward James

    I had trouble seeing the bits enough to read but she and her influence is BIG enough to notice. I hope she buys all of fairfax and uses it to her advantage! Edward James

  7. Gavin Moodie

    I’m not sure that Rinehart – or probably more likely, her advisers – believe all that stuff about the interweb. I suggest her advisers thought of all the arguments that might support a permanent injunction, including the ridiculous.

  8. skink

    I’ve looked at the list and as I’m not a terrorist, a foreign government or a criminal I must be a deranged person.

    PS: I am down to my last $60k and need a butler urgently

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