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Feb 3, 2012

Clive Palmer’s man-crush on Tony Jones

This week we saw a thoroughly illuminating chat between mining magnate Clive Palmer and Lateline host Tony Jones.

Jason Whittaker — Former <em>Crikey</em> editor and publisher

Jason Whittaker

Former Crikey editor and publisher

What a thoroughly illuminating chat we saw last night between mining magnate Clive Palmer and Lateline host Tony Jones. In the space of 20 minutes Palmer declared himself a hero for saving lives with his helicopters during the Queensland floods, branded News Limited papers biased — in favour of Labor, flagged an investment in Fairfax with Gina Rinehart, starting a rival newspaper in Brisbane, and revealed a serious man-crush on his fellow silver-haired inquisitor.

“I haven’t got the intellect that you’ve got, or the experience,” Palmer told a blushing Jones.

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10 thoughts on “Clive Palmer’s man-crush on Tony Jones

  1. Edward James

    Yes I watched it and felt my money was wasted. Clive offered the ABC compare an editorship! amazing

  2. JamesK

    ‘Compere’, Eddie. It’s not phonetic. Or if you must, compère.

    Clive Palmer and the rest of the so-called ‘mining magnates’ make my skin crawl.

  3. Holden Back

    Was he a media advisor to J B-P, by any chance? I hope he never presumes to criticise grammatical standards.

  4. Edward James

    whats phonetek ? edward james

  5. Frank Campbell

    don’t worry, Rinehart and Palmer won’t ever share a platform.

    Building regulations.

  6. drovers cat

    RE: Clive Palmer: Tony Jones is my hero piece

    There’s a story in the UK daily mail today titled: Right-wingers are less intelligent than left wingers, says study

    I rest my case m’lud

  7. Lord Barry Bonkton

    Yep , its their ABC ? Another hard hitting interview. Brought and sponsored , to you by Clive Palmer .
    Funny Gina’s story about her legal team , has stopped comments BK ??? Whats going on ???

  8. Frank Campbell

    Indeed, Bonkton. I asked about the closed comments yesterday. No reply. Opacity instead of Crikey’s vaunted transparency?

  9. Jason Whittaker

    Gentlemen, what exactly is the problem here? Our normal moderation processes are applied to each story that is open for comment. If you have specific concerns please contact us.

  10. Frank Campbell


    The piece people are referring to is “Gina Rinehart definitely doesn’t like the internet”, Feb 2…8 comments were posted, then comments were closed- with no comment from Crikey. Comments remain closed.

    We are asking why?

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