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Feb 1, 2012

Mitt in a canter, thank god for enthusiastic amateur night

Well, that was quick. Polls closed in Florida at 8pm (noon AEST), and CNN declared victory for Mitt Romney at 8.30pm.

Well, that was quick. Polls closed in Florida at 8pm (noon AEST), and CNN declared victory for Mitt Romney at 8.30pm, with Romney polling at 47% to Gingrich 31%, or 550,00 with 365,000 after nearly 60% of the votes having been counted.

Indeed, most polls had closed at 7pm, but the doofus arrangement of having the panhandle on a different time zone meant there was an hour extra to nail it down in the boondocks.

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5 thoughts on “Mitt in a canter, thank god for enthusiastic amateur night

  1. Frank Campbell

    Really, what’s the point of this? A pedestrian running commentary on events which are covered live on global media- even here.

    It’s tedious and indulgent. No better use for your supposedly scarce resources, Crikey?

    But at least it’s free of Hunter S. Thompson imitation…

  2. Holden Back

    Romney’s debate coach was Bachmann’s coach previously.

    Some commentary about these shifts in employment and allegiance – for instance where are all of Gingrich’s staff who resigned last year? – might be interesting.

    David Remnick has also started the separation of ‘the Jewish vote’ from the ‘Jewish donors’, and noted that much of Israel’s intelligence and military leadership has publicly backed away from Netanyahu’s adventurism in relation to Iran, which Republican candidates seem keen to support.

  3. Coaltopia

    It’s a soap-on-a-rope opera. Thoroughly entertaining.

  4. Andybob

    I’ll have Frank’s share of this if he doesn’t want it.
    Great writing – “pot kettleness”, “Bose-Einstein condensation” “every relationship has one or two screws left over”. All bon mots worth the price of admission apart from the succinct analysis.
    I believe the good doctor would also have attended at The Dollhouse Lounge.

  5. Kevin Herbert

    There are 564 delegates that Gingrich and Santorum can’t win because they are not on the ballot in 5 states which makes it virtually impossible for them to win.

    This is a contest between Romney & Paul who are the only candidates with a national organisational base, notwithstanding the support for Gingrich by the odious far right Zionist zealot Sheldon Adelson..and his AIPAC gangster cronies.

    Paul will start to shine in the upcoming caucus States…..he’s likely to win Maine.

    Hang on to your hats.

    NOTE to Frank Campbell: surely you’re not not implying that the Aussie MSM coverage has any merit at all e.g. dear old Aunty’s 7.30 Report featured the repitilian Bill Cristol Jnr as a leading US political commentator, without mentioning his Trotskyist background & membership of the war criminal neocons.
    You can forget the neocon -owned Oz which crops Ron Paul out of pictures until last week, while Fairfax are taking their copy straight off the necon/MIC/AIPAC owned US MSM…..kids stuff journalism.

    Guy R is providing a decent, independent analysis of what is the most intriguing run up to a US Presidential election in at least the last 50 years, where both parties are proposing extreme far right domestic & global agendas, save for Dr Ron Paul.

    I believe the irrefutable confirmation of the Gr8 Satan’s status, which has resulted in the murder of more than 4 million innocent civilians since 1960…..or not, will depend on Ron Paul’s success …..or not.

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