Jan 30, 2012

Essential: we like our local BER, and Howard’s the best PM

Parents like the BER program and think it benefited their children's school, today's Essential Report finds.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

John Howard is easily the most popular choice for Australia’s greatest postwar prime minister, new polling from Essential Report suggests, with 33% of voters saying he was Australia’s best prime minister, including 8% of Labor voters.


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2 thoughts on “Essential: we like our local BER, and Howard’s the best PM

  1. sebster

    That’s possibly the saddest (and most misguided) statistic I’ve ever read. And lest you think I’m parrtisan, the 15% for Rudd beggars belief.

  2. Dogs breakfast

    Australia’s greatest post war prime minister???????????

    Was this preceded by “How many post war PM’s can you name?”

    Silly, really.

    The BER poll is more relevant, particularly those with school age children.

    All the rest are talking out of their collective behinds and have probably never seen what was bought with the money.

    But by god, Alan Jones told them what to think, so that’s that!

    I don’t know why they bothered.

    How about this for a question – “When did you last take an alternative point of view to anything that Alan Jones/Ray Hadley or any other political spruiker has taken?”

    Yes, I thought so.

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