If there’s one thing the blanket blitz of Tent Embassy coverage lacks, it’s perspective. So let’s squint through the blizzard for a moment to remember this other mob:

Actually, you may not remember them. This heated exchange wasn’t covered by most media. And it’s an imperfect comparison, we know. But as an example of a politician fronting a group of very angry protesters to engage with their complaints (which is what, many Tent Embassy protestors contend, they thought Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott were about to do when they scrambled out the door of The Lobby to be shoved into waiting cars) it is, well, illuminating.

It’s also worth remembering as the Coalition call for an inquiry into the Tent Embassy security breach, Coalition MP Sophie Mirabella’s involvement in the anti-carbon tax protest featured above (among other protests, including the opposition leader’s decision to front the crowd at the infamous rally on the lawn of Parliament House).

It’s also worth remembering that while one media advisor may have lost his job over this, the Tent Embassy collectively has been completely trashed by the resulting reaction.

Watch this footage: then compare the language, the hostility, the level of threat. And then compare the media coverage.

Perspective, people.

*Apologies for the delay in delivery today — technical gremlins got the better of us