Pat O’Shane’s greatest spits. Controversial magistrate Pat O’Shane is likely to retire from the bench before the NSW Parliament has to decide whether it wants to get rid of her. She’ll be 72 next June, which is the age at which NSW magistrates must retire.

But it’s hard to see the latest furore bringing her down in any case. She’s faced complaints about her judgements before and survived them all. Here’s a quick history of her greatest spits. — Paul Barry (read the full story here)

Pharmacists wield too much power: Howard adviser. We declared it, and now former John Howard adviser Terry Barnes has expressed his concern about it: the Pharmacy Guild of Australia has an enormous amount of power, despite the fact most Australians know little about what they’re all about.

Late last year, the Pharmacy Guild’s Kos Sclavos took out the No. 1 spot on our lobbyists list, largely due to his place at the top of the food chain of the country’s most feared and effective lobby group. — The Power Index (read the full story here)

Megaphones watch: Devine, Hadley, Bolt, MTR. Miranda Devine’s war on cyclists, Ray Hadley interviews Tony Abbott, Andrew Bolt on asylum seekers (and the Wiggles) …

Here’s what Australia’s most powerful media megaphones have been up to over the past week. — Matthew Knott (read the full story here)