Howler – America Give Up [Rough Trade/Remote Control]

Minneapolis group Howler are the latest, great white hopes trying to haul indie rock out of the doldrums with debut set America Give Up.

Likened to 2001-era The Strokes by the NME, Howler come on like an amalgam of New York’s finest, East Kilbride’s finest The Jesus & Mary Chain and – more recently – Brooklyn’s The Drums.

Like The Drums, Howler marry a surf pop aesthetic onto many of their growling songs when they’re not churning through more straightahead J&MC soundalike numbers. Third track This One’s Different is a complete misnomer. All the songs sound the same. They’re short, sharp bursts of adrenalised scattershot punk-pop. Hear one you’ve heard them all.

Mind you, it’s a rather enjoyable blast for fans of the genre uncharitably dubbed ‘landfill indie’.

For others, first impressions of Howler will undoubtedly have them wondering ‘is this it?’.


earworms: I Told You Once, This One’s Different, Black Lagoon