Jan 20, 2012

Kiwi pointers on how to define news media, beef up regulation

The New Zealand Law Commission recently released an issues paper that elegantly deals with the very same issues the Finkelstein inquiry is considering in Australia, including how to define "news media" in the internet age, and what a beefed up regulation system might look like.

Margaret Simons

Journalist, author and director of the Centre for Advanced Journalism

Pretty well as soon as our media gets back from the beach, the Finkelstein inquiry into journalism regulation will be reporting, and we can expect a great hullabaloo on the question of whether government should get its sticky fingers into funding and legislating the regulation of journalism.

As we all closed down for summer, it was pretty clear that The Fink had largely bought the idea of a beefed-up Australian Press Council, and was worrying away at the key issues of whether it should be funded by government, whether it should be backed by legal sanctions,  and whether membership should be compulsory — and if so, where to draw the line. For example, should bloggers who sometimes publish news be forced to join up, alongside the mighty News Limited and Fairfax?

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One thought on “Kiwi pointers on how to define news media, beef up regulation

  1. klewso

    If self-regulation won’t work – as has been the case for years (when it comes to adherence to normal standards of acceptable behaviour, accountability and responsibility – not to mention
    “balance”, as embodied in some antiquated codes of PCP, in the service supposed to be supplied : “news”), which has resulted in a media seemingly left to run feral, making up their own rules and loopholes of responsibility, more politicised than impartial, obsessed with influencing perception of punters – then why shouldn’t “external oversight” be implemented?
    Heaven knows it’s hard enough now to name and shame “offending journalists” – especially when they work in the same stable as those left with a conscience?
    Sandilands copped a well-deserved bollocking, while various Limited News “sisters” escaped public pillory, being called to account and reprimand for ganging-up on and slagging off Gillard – because she’s a Labor PM. As if they didn’t have enough ammunition to dump on the likes of Mirabella, or some other Limited News Party sponsored “sacred cow” conservative for the same reasons?

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