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Jan 19, 2012

Rundle12: up close and personal with Rick Perry

Why is Texas Governor Rick Perry still in the Republican race? A campaign stop in South Carolina demonstrated why even the man himself doesn't seem to think he can win.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Several hours after, back in the motel further up the endless highway — a faux castle called the Knights Inn (geddit, geddit) — I turned on C-SPAN and watched the Rick Perry event I had been at that morning. Or thought I had been at. Maybe I hadn’t. I didn’t know any more. C-SPAN has been following the Republican candidates throughout the primaries, broadcasting events in real time, directly from camera, and then replaying them later.


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13 thoughts on “Rundle12: up close and personal with Rick Perry

  1. paddy

    There appears to be only one good thing that the Republican primaries have produced.
    Guy Rundle’s account of them.

  2. Mad Dog

    You write well, Guy. Thanks!

  3. Michelle Imison

    “I don’t have a problem with green energy, I just don’t want the govmint tell me I have to do it”

    I seem to recall couching arguments with my mother when I was a child about just *when* I would clean my room in much the same way…

  4. Caruben

    I can hardly beleive how dumb these guys are. Every time I laugh at these accounts I have to remind myself that the situation is actually not funny at all.

  5. Clytie

    “all the buildings are advertisements of themselves, designed to look good in a rearview mirror”

    Good writing almost makes US politics palatable.

  6. Malcolm Street

    “in the assembly room a large “POW:MIA” silhouette poster, part of the campaign that suggests Vietnam is still holding onto US prisoners from the war. ”

    Don’t tell me they’re STILL on about that myth! An indication of the intelligence/grasp of reality of his audience?

    I can’t tell you how relieved I am that Perry has come a cropper – at one stage (only a couple of months ago) I thought he was the most likely Republican contender.

  7. Mr Tank

    Hear hear on the buildings in the rear view mirror line – loved it.

  8. tinydog

    @Paddy: get a room.

  9. Kevin Herbert

    Ron Paul Ron Paul


    Everything is big in Texas except the IQ of its governors apparently.

    What a freak show: from Mitt Robotney’s cranked out mantras about ‘government doesn’t produce jobs’ to Gingrich’s crazed and delusional flat tax nostrums to the really barking Ron Paul’s call to get rid of the Fed and shrink government to nothing, the entire GOP circus is more like a vaudeville show than the serious dialogue of ideas that the primary system was meant to engage.

    Ladies and gentlemen, thanks to Guy’s wonderfully entertaining accounts, we get a ringside seat.

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