Jan 16, 2012

Poll Bludger: double whammy for major parties in Qld

Under normal circumstances, the only point at issue in the upcoming Queensland election would be the precise scale of the impending conservative landslide.

William Bowe — Editor of The Poll Bludger

William Bowe

Editor of The Poll Bludger

At first blush, the looming Queensland state election appears to lend itself to a straightforward diagnosis. Labor will go into the campaign encumbered by an ever-expanding list of unfulfilled commitments and policy failures, a formidable “it’s time” factor born of 20 years in government out of the past 22, the disastrous unpopularity of the government’s federal counterpart, and an LNP leader who strongly out-rates the Premier in opinion polls.


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84 thoughts on “Poll Bludger: double whammy for major parties in Qld

  1. Suzanne Blake

    Queenslanders will have baseball bats out to another incompetent Labor Government and Bligh is trying to work out the least bruising date for the poll

  2. Lord Barry Bonkton

    S.B , as a qlder , i have not seen any Baseball bats yet ? They might be saving them for when Can-Do nothing doesn’t get to win the seat ? No seat No Can do NOTHING. Your favorite debt theme should be asking Can -Do what sort of debt he has left Brisbane City Council with all those tunnels that are not being used and are going broke ??? I will be voting for the Greens as usual , but will not pass on my vote to Labor/LNP. Vote 1 Greens is the best way to go , to try and save our GBR from the Big miners and Big Gas. (Gladstone Harbour)

  3. Son of foro

    Queenslanders use cricket bats.

  4. Suzanne Blake

    I have seen them use golf clubs more effectively on cane toads

  5. Jim McDonald

    William, Your comment on the Noosa electorate in the last Queensland election is wrong. You stated that Cate Molloy ran as a green candidate: she did not: she ran as an independent and The Greens candidate, Steve Haines, increased The Greens’ vote by 4.3%. After the 2010 Federal election results in Noosa booths, we expect to do as well as Greens in the best metropolitan seats in this year’s election. Jim McDonald, Greens Candidate, Noosa.

  6. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Can Do is a can’t. Queenslanders use fruit bats.

  7. zut alors

    Bligh and her government may be heavily on the nose but the best the LNP can offer is Campbell Newman, a politician fixated on unprofitable tunnels.

    Looking beyond the potential LNP leader to the talent in the current shadow cabinet, it’s clear there’s a dearth of it. They can’t even embarrass Bligh during Question Time – and, g0d knows, there’s a wealth of material on which they can rely. But the LNP haven’t any wits about them. The prospect of them running Queensland is truly alarming.

  8. LisaCrago

    This election is clearly not a two horse race. As QLD have shown in the past they will vote for a fresh voice, or in the case of Katter, more likely to vote for someone they can trust, someone who is ‘one of them’.

    With both the ALP and Libs being a bit on the nose of late, no doubt Katter’s Party will romp home with many many seats; more than One Nation ever did.

    Malcolm Mackerras Pendulum can only really be applied to a two party system.
    We certainly do not have a 2PP election in QLD this year.

  9. klewso

    Too true, contrary to editorial claims in the “Curry a Male” – there is such a thing as a “win by default” (and this “Labor” has been woeful – forgetting it’s real roots, while looking more like wanting to “root everything”). Who “vets” interviewees for high level jobs, especially in high profile/PR “Health” – and are they actually paid to screw up like cock-work?.
    “Napoleon” and his Limited News Party forces should romp in with whatever “mandate garland” the papper, with it’s unfettered influence, wants to bestow on him and his.
    The only difference between Katter’s Really Angry Party and the other conservatives, is they’re led by a rodeo clown, more used to trying to distract the bull than toss it – wait till they smell leather .

    I’m tipping an increased “Informal” vote as more people can’t bring themselves to support either of the “major league” players – either the “(Santoro-Can-do) Dodgers”, or the “(Bill ‘n Bligh) Pirates”.

  10. RomanJohn

    @Suzanne Blake. Baseball bats? Really. Must you steal everything from the Tea Party and other American Astroturf movements. Would it hurt your brain so much to come up with an original thought??

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