Of the increasing number of complaints over media practice lodged with the Australian Press Council -- they've more than doubled, as Crikey reports today -- perhaps the highest-profile example is from the former leader of the opposition, Mark Latham. That complaint has been the subject of a fair bit of follow-up publicity and commentary, including from Latham himself in Spectator Magazine, from Crikey and from our firm friend Gerard Henderson. Today Crikey reproduces Latham’s complaint in full. The heart of his issue is his allegation that The Daily Telegraph reporter concerned, Jennifer Sexton, had an undeclared conflict of interest because her mother was a teacher in the swim program about which Latham had a beef. It doesn’t seem to be an area directly addressed by any of the current standards and principles of the council, although principle No.4 -- dealing with respect for privacy -- might be relevant. And doubtless Latham would argue that by failing to declare the relationship, The Tele breached Principle One -- accurate fair and balanced reporting. On the other hand, we already know that The Tele’s Neil Breen reckons that this is just "how we find our stories". It will be an interesting one to watch. Here is an unedited version:

B. Publication Information

My complaint is against: (name of publication/s or URL of website)