Yesterday, Newt Gingrich began at 8am at the Philbrick's House in Dover, New Hampshire. Jon Huntsman was at Fort Harry's in Lebanon; Ron Paul was at Moe Joe's in the heart of Manchester for a breakfast meet and greet, by which time Huntsman had got to Daddy Pop's Tumble Inn Diner. Rick Santorum was at the Shadow Lake Elks Club, later moving on to Mary Ann's, while Newt started the evening at the Draft Sports Bar. Mitt Romney, true to his transcendentally boring nature, was at Gilchrist Metal Fabricating, followed by the McKelvie Intermediate School. The Politico calendar listed 38 events for the six candidates yesterday, with another half-dozen, for two more outsiders, Buddy Roemer and Fred Karger.

Today, they blitzed the polling stations throughout Manchester, and up and down the state, the agenda kept secret and last-minute to try and outrun the Occupy protesters. On Monday, they had got their game on, forcing Gingrich to cancel an appearance at his own headquarters -- on security advice, he claimed, though is seems that he simply didn't want to give them good vid -- while Santorum's rally at Jillian's pool hall was a full court press, as angry Occupy and gay rights protesters swarmed him near the car park entrance -- in a manner that was, it must be said, not the finest hour in the history of forthright protest.