Like a little fungicide with that?  Orange juice in the United States made with concentrate from Brazil, the world’s biggest producer, has been found to contain traces of the fungicide carbendazim. The US Food and Drug Administration said yesterday it will increase testing after being alerted by a juice company and block imports that tested positive. Brazilian concentrate is commonly used in the Australian product.

No surprises in New Hampshire. This time it was not even close. Mitt Romney was pronounced the winner of the New Hampshire primary within a few minutes of the polls closing. If his dominance continues like this it will be a long and boring primaries season.

The Crikey Election Indicator suggests this will be the case although the pollsters, as measured by Real Clear Politics’ poll average, are not so certain.

Where the jobs are. Further gloomy news for job seekers in the figures out today from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The total trend estimate of job vacancies at 182,200 was a decrease of 0.7% since August.