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Dec 23, 2011

The good, the bad, and the sexy

It's the winners of the Crikey Readers' Choice awards! Lyn White of Animals Australia wins the Crikey Readers' Choice Person of the Year for 2011. Plus the sexiest pollies.

You guys, really. It might be a cliché to say a publication is the sum of its readers, but stuff it, we’re saying it anyway. This being the last edition for 2011, we wanted to suck up to you a bit. Because for intelligence, for care factor, for reading us cover to cover and for plugging into every part of the news cycle, you can’t be beaten.

So on that note, we’ll leave the last editorial of the year to you and your People’s Choice. *Insert drum roll here* …

Crikey Person of the Year:

Formerly a South Australian police officer, Lyn White of Animals Australia won this one by a country mile. Which just goes to show how much the story A Bloody Business made an impact this year — evidence obtained by White in Indonesia was provided to the ABC’s Four Corners, resulting in a Gold Walkley Award for Sarah Ferguson, Michael Doyle and Anne Worthington and the immediate suspension of the live exports to Indonesia along with public and political pressure to end the trade. As the face of Animals Australia, White was a fixture on the evening news for weeks, and has obviously left a lasting impression on you readers, not to mention the live exports trade.

And who do you despise? Well, beating out several dictators and a psychopath, the coveted Arsehat goes to …

Crikey Arsehat of the Year:

Kyle Sandilands was a late bloomer this year, with another round of advertisers pulling the plug on his 2Day FM radio show after he abused a News Limited journalist with a series of choice s-xist lines because she dared to report that his television show had suffered dismal ratings. But although he may not endear himself to our discerning audience, his show still continues to rate its socks off.

But now to the nitty gritty. We’re not sure why we ask, but here we have it, the politicians that make you feel funny in the pants …

Sexiest female politician:

  1. Kate Ellis (29.5%)
  2. Tanya Plibersek (16.7%)
  3. Penny Wong (12.6%)
  4. Sarah Hanson-Young (6.9%)
  5. Julia Gillard (6.6%)

Which means we have back-to-back (if you’re into that kind of thing) winners in both categories this year …

Sexiest male politician:

  1. Malcolm Turnbull (18.9%)
  2. Stephen Smith (9%)
  3. Adam Bandt (7.6%)
  4. Bob Brown (6.3%)
  5. Kevin Rudd (3.7%)

And in breaking news, 27 people find Kevin Rudd sexy.

Happy Christmas, merry Summer and yuletide greetings to you and yours. See you on January 9, bright and shiny in your inbox for 2012. In the meantime, keep reading us on the website, where we’ll be offering all sorts of beachside treats …

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11 thoughts on “The good, the bad, and the sexy

  1. kakadu

    Crikey person of the year could not have gone to a better person. For a normal unbrutalised person it would have been bad enough, but for someone has a particular love of and empathy for animals, she would probably need psychological counseling and support after witnessing first hand the disgusting brutality of those abattoirs in Indonesia.
    It’s made me reconsider my need for meat and become an Animals Australia supporter.
    Good on the ABC for taking on the story.

  2. zut alors

    According to extensive Crikey polling 27 people find KRudd sexy – so, even without Therese Rein’s vote that still leaves 26.

  3. zut alors

    And ditto to Kakadu’s remarks above. I haven’t eaten meat since – it’s been no effort and no loss.

  4. Jean

    I’m just relieved that Lyn White isn’t one of those old-style 1970s animal liberation whackers with a hidden vegan / no-domestication-of-animals agenda.

  5. Glen

    Oh dear, was Crikey click-bombed by vegans? Best check the IP log.

  6. Mark from Melbourne

    This really sucked as did the sycophantic opening. Are we really that astute – Kyle – isn’t there a few more important things going on in the world. Same with Lyn White. Serious story but gee wasn’t there a few more more important stories in the last 12 months?

    The list was limited and the votes bordered on puerile. I refuse to be classed as a Crikey reader on this basis.

  7. Peter Ormonde

    So 27 Australians find themselves aroused by Kevin Rudd … we demand that Crikey publish their names! These people need help. Or punishment. Perhaps both.

  8. Davoe Magpie

    Definitely Christina, she can even make an American accent almost tolerable.
    Funny there’s no conservative women in the list, surely someone must think Julie Bishop’s “stare” more sexy than scary. Not me though!

  9. Flower

    Ah my kind and compassionate Crikey contributors, you have chosen your “person of the year” wisely.

    The ABC News Radio has just named Lyn White ‘Newsmaker of the Year’ for her groundbreaking investigative work exposing cruelty to animals in 2011.

    In addition she has been named one of Victoria’s 100 most influential people of 2011 by The Age, as well as being a state finalist for the 2012 Australian of the Year.

    And a big fat raspberry to the callous misfits who would deny this honourable and courageous woman the awards she so richly deserves.