You guys, really. It might be a cliché to say a publication is the sum of its readers, but stuff it, we're saying it anyway. This being the last edition for 2011, we wanted to suck up to you a bit. Because for intelligence, for care factor, for reading us cover to cover and for plugging into every part of the news cycle, you can't be beaten. So on that note, we'll leave the last editorial of the year to you and your People's Choice. *Insert drum roll here* ... Crikey Person of the Year:

Formerly a South Australian police officer, Lyn White of Animals Australia won this one by a country mile. Which just goes to show how much the story A Bloody Business made an impact this year -- evidence obtained by White in Indonesia was provided to the ABC's Four Corners, resulting in a Gold Walkley Award for Sarah Ferguson, Michael Doyle and Anne Worthington and the immediate suspension of the live exports to Indonesia along with public and political pressure to end the trade. As the face of Animals Australia, White was a fixture on the evening news for weeks, and has obviously left a lasting impression on you readers, not to mention the live exports trade. And who do you despise? Well, beating out several dictators and a psychopath, the coveted Arsehat goes to ... Crikey Arsehat of the Year: