The Russian revolt among ABC staff. There are far more volunteers than the number of redundancies on offer in the latest round of ABC staff cuts, we’ve been told. The jobs to go are from the production resources areas of post-production and studio operations that service the internally and co-produced programs of the TV division. As one insider put it: “Good to know the union and a small number of cardigan wearers, who can’t or won’t survive in the independent industry, are fighting so hard to keep jobs that its members are lining up like Russians at a 1970s bakery to leave.”

Shock jock surprises SBS with leak. Radio redneck Michael Smith — who split from 2UE in a messy legal dispute over airing past-life allegations against Julia Gillard — proudly told The Daily Telegraph yesterday he would appear in a second series of the SBS hit Go Back To Where You Came From. Spending time with refugees might do Smith the world of good, but apparently the broadcaster wasn’t expecting him to tell anyone. The list of contestants was a closely-guarded secret to prevent leaks and Smith blew their cover.

Climate bureaucrats move house. The 4% efficiency dividend is not spooking the Department of Climate Change, it would seem. We’re told one group has moved into the plush surrounds of the 15-storey SAP House building just off London Circuit in Canberra. “We got new computers, desks, chairs, microwave ovens, fridges and fit-out,” says our insider. “It is extravagant, unwarranted and a waste of money.”

God be with you, NSW A-G urges. The idea of separation of church and state seems to have passed NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith by. His official Christmas card, printed with the parliamentary seal, shows an image of Jesus and wishes receivers a Christmas “filled with the gift of His love” …

Christmas Wishes from the Attorney General

Christmas is a time for celebration, for reflection, for the giving of gifts and for family gathering.

Its core message of peace on earth, goodwill to all shouldn’t be marred by excesses, nor should it be trivialised by crass commercialism.

The Holy Family started in great humility, with the birth of Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem, where wise men following a star came to give homage and gifts of gold, frankincense and myrhh.

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, who settled in Nazareth, are an inspiration for us all, especially in times when family values are scoffed at by a largely secular world.

I hope and pray that 2012 will see an improvement in the way we treat each other and that our world will be a safer place for children to grow up in.

Greg Smith
Attorney General and Minister for Justice

CSI: dog poo investigation. And from the 3AW Rumour File: “Caller Not Mine says a lady was walking her dog when it stopped to pee. She says a council worker came over and said she didn’t pick up her dog poo. She says the lady said the poo wasn’t hers. She says the council worker picked it up and said he would test the DNA.” Is that in the bylaws?

Xmas party watch: one day left! We’re winding down, you’re letting your hair down, and we know there is more corporate Christmas merriment in store. We want to hear the party plans, the bribes from the boss and the HR pep talks: email us or use the anonymous form.