Yesterday’s news, today. From James Jeffrey’s Strewth in today’s Australian:The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday ran a story that began ‘Two top scientific journals say they are deciding whether to publish details of a man-made mutant flu virus that could kill billions …'” Jeffrey went on to talk about the SMH‘s online poll that gave readers the chance to vote whether or not the flu recipe should be made public, a fair enough little media snippet.

But hang on, what’s that on page seven of today’s Oz in the news section? “Two top scientific journals said yesterday they were mulling whether to publish details of a man-made mutant killer flu virus …” No poll available, just the day-old news.

Confidential Twitter news. A shout out to this special piece by The Daily Telegraph‘s Confidential today, asking if swimmer golden girl Stephanie Rice and rugby player Quade Cooper’s relationship is on the rocks because they haven’t been tweeting about each other in recent days. Accompaning the thrilling story was a photo with this caption:

Perhaps the typos were the subeditor’s silent protest?

Department of corrections: This comes from Canada’s Toronto Star. To be fair, if you wrote a story about ugly Christmas sweaters, you’d demand a correct byline too …

Front page of the day. We count at least 10 different front-page stories in Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper.

The pic made possible by the end of ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’

“The Associated Press’s Brian Clark has snapped a photo that really tells the story of this year’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” repeal. Apparently, the Navy has a tradition of selecting one person to be “first off the ship” to kiss a waiting loved one.” — The Atlantic Wire

Get ready for sponsored posts in your FB feed

“Starting in January 2012, Facebook will gradually begin showing Sponsored Stories social ads in the main news feed of the web version of the site, a representative of the company tells us. Facebook hasn’t shown ads in the news feed since 2008, so this has big ramifications for advertisers and the user experience.” — TechCrunch

Super Bowl to be streamed online

“The next Super Bowl will be streamed online by NBC Universal, adding a new-media dimension to one of the oldest but most viable big-TV properties on the prime-time schedule.” — Ad Age

Ron Paul doesn’t like question about racist links

“Ron Paul walked out of an interview with CNN’s Gloria Borger following a heated exchange over the controversy regarding racist newsletters sent in his name during the 1990s.”  — Mediaite

Foreman spills the dirt on Carols by Candelight

“There’s always a push from the executives to include younger performers and I’m always very happy to do that on the proviso they have the ability to belt out a Carol in a manner that is appropriate for the gravitas and seriousness of the night … I would never want to book someone just because they were young and flavour of the month and who is popular if they can’t sing.” — TV Tonight