Christmas Power profile: Santa Claus. You won’t believe this but Santa Claus has topped our Christmas Power List again. We were planning to kick him out of the Top Ten for 2011 and replace him with an iPhone, but he just keeps on getting more popular.

And we reckon that’s because Santa’s mastered the digital age — unlike Harvey Norman, Christmas turkeys and those Three Wise Men, who have completely failed to move with the times. This holiday season you can email him, contact him on Twitter, friend him on Facebook, phone him direct or even log onto his website to get a personalised video in return. — Paul Barry (read the full story here)

‘Lots to say’: Hinch hits out as silence breaks. Break out the shame file and get ready for a free speech barrage, bearded megaphone Derryn Hinch is back from his five-month court-imposed media exile. And if the Twitterverse is any indication, the man they call the Human Headline can’t wait to get back into it.

At the stroke of midnight, he tweeted: “Heee’s back! New liver. New life. Same old #Hinch. Fresh attack on bad law. And the magistrate was wrong. Life in this old bastard yet.” — Tom Cowie (read the full story here)

Triguboff investigates the banks himself. Harry Triguboff’s relationship with the banks is definitely one of love-hate. The billionaire property developer who famously doesn’t trust the big banks is now conducting his own little study into exactly where they source their cash from.

Triguboff, who is Australia’s seventh richest person with a net wealth of $4.3 billion, told The Australian Financial Review: “In life, one is only as good as one’s lender. Our banks, I think, are only as good as their lenders. — Lucy Clark (read the full story here)

One in five relieved to see Christmas cancelled. Now here’s a reminder of the negative power of Christmas and of what the festive season, traditionally associated with giving and receiving, can really do to some people.

A survey by headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, offers some insight into how Christmas can make some people feel — and it’s not all about spreading joy. The survey revealed that one in five young people would be relieved if Christmas was cancelled. — Lucy Clark (read the full story here)

From the vault: Harry Triguboff. He has done more than anyone to shape the face of Sydney. So it’s a shame that his buildings are often so ugly.

“It’s pretty awful stuff,” one former NSW premier told The Power Index, “with wind tunnels, dark corners and pocket-sized open space, [citing a recent South Sydney development], but Harry builds what people want to buy, which is small apartments. The average household in Sydney nowadays is 1.8 people.” And without Triguboff, Sydney would have even less affordable housing, says another ex-premier, Bob Carr (who’s also no great fan). — Paul Barry (read the full profile here)