Remember my sandal-gate? My boring, black, low-heeled, middle-aged woman’s footwear was brought to unexpected notoriety on November 18 when Miranda Devine, reporting my appearance before the federal government’s media inquiry, described me as “sandal-wearing freelance journalist and prolific tweeter”. It was an accurate description, if so besides the point as to be a non-sequitur.

Her piece caused a bit a dust-up of outrage on Twitter, and it was suggested that I should auction the now notorious sandals. This I did, under the hashtag #journosandals, though some chose #sandalgate.

Look here for a report on the action that followed. The deal was negotiated up to include signatures on the sandals from myself, Media Watch host Jonathan Holmes and the Crikey crew. All jolly good fun. The sandals were eventually sold for a $160 donation to Amnesty International, with the buyer being the person behind the Twitter name @maybeee2011 (who wishes to remain anonymous).

Now, @maybeee2011 has informed Crikey that rather than taking receipt of the sandals, he would like them to become an award, to be given out for the most gratuitous reference to personal appearance in the media. As he says: “I’m sure you can make it for a worthwhile effort, there’s not a shortage to chose from, unfortunately.”

So, we are calling for nominations. The award will be announced in Crikey’s final edition for the year as part of the People’s Choice Awards. Leave your nominations in the comments or email us at (Oh, and if anyone wants to see what I actually said at the media inquiry, wearing the said sandals, my submission and the transcript is online.)