Front page of the day. France and Britain are at each other’s throats over whose economy is weaker, and as today’s The Daily Telegraph from the UK illustrates, a war on words — whatever that means — has been declared:

Colin Myler apologises over NotW phone hacking

“Colin Myler, the last editor of the News of the World, has apologised to the Press Complaints Commission for not giving a ‘full and frank answer’ about the extent of phone hacking at the paper in 2009.” — The Guardian

Private eye describes NotW instruction to pose as journo

“Private investigator Derek Webb described today how his controversial obtaining of a press card from the NUJ was part of a ruse to get around tighter restrictions on the use of investigators at the News of the World.” —

US funds ponder move on Nine as CVC pulls back

“Distressed debt funds Apollo and Oaktree are set to bid for control of Nine Entertainment early next year through a substantial debt-for-equity swap that would crystallise heavy losses for Nine’s private equity owner CVC Asia Pacific.” — The Australian

Oops. Paul Biongiorno ‘can’t find s-x’

“TEN’s Paul Biongiorno gave viewers just a little too much information in a live cross yesterday…” — TV Tonight

How the world Googled in 2011

“Following the release of Yahoo’s most-searched list, Google has released its annual Zeitgeist report, revealing the most popular search terms of 2011 by region and worldwide.” — Mashable