Cinetology can confirm that Monster Pictures, the Australian distributor of Norwegian writer/director Tom Six’s controversial horror film The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), has successfully managed to overturn a ban that was slapped onto the film late last month after it was officially released in select cinemas.

The Human Centipede II was green-lit for distribution in May but banned two weeks ago following campaigning from NSW Attorney General Greg Smith and conservative lobbying groups such as Collective Shout. The Classification Review Board’s decision to re-grant the film an R rating is a major coup for Monster, which submitted a new version of the film for consideration last Friday with less than one minute shaved off its running time.

The film will return to Australian cinemas, or secure a release on DVD, buoyed by the free marketing it has inadvertently generated over the last few weeks. Early this month I wrote about how organisations such as Collective Shout have unintentionally supported the film by underlining its core selling point: notoriety. This latest twist in the Human Centipede saga ought to deliver them a sobering reality check.

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