Monster Pictures, the Australian distributor of gross-out horror film The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) — which was banned last week by the Classification Review Board (CRB) after initially being given an R rating in May — will submit an edited version of the film for reclassification this Friday. Cinetology can confirm that a hearing at the CRB is booked in for Friday morning and the results should be known by late next week.

Neil Foley from Monster told Cinetology this afternoon: “Monster Pictures will be submitting a very carefully modified version of The Human Centipede II to the Classification Board for assessment on Friday. Whilst some of the more graphic elements of the film have been modified we are confident that we have managed to maintain the overall integrity of the film. We trust that the classification board will see fit to clear it for classification.”

The alterations made to The Human Centipede II (review here) will presumably bring it closer in line with the cut version approved by the British Board of Film Classification in October. The film has a decent shot at being reclassified with an R rating, given it will be submitted to the same group who green-lit the unedited version. More updates to come.