Dec 2, 2011

Time-honoured rituals of regulation live on

Tony Abbott's promise to slash red tape is a time-honoured Canberra ritual, but it's a hollow promise. And he should shake up his front bench to inject more policy nous into the mix.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

There are certain rituals of public life for oppositions, regardless of their composition, that will never change. One is confidently claiming that billions of dollars of wasted spending are lying around, like so much playground litter, waiting for an incoming government to gather up to fund its own programs. Another is insisting the burden of “red tape” is remorselessly accumulating on business and needs a machete taken to it to save — invariably — billions of dollars.

Tony Abbott went through that all again yesterday, mouthing the same words that generations of politicians before him have uttered about regulation. He added to them another timeless political incantation, that of the importance of small business, that household god to whom all politicians must genuflect. He pledged to save small business $1 billion a year by cutting red tape.

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34 thoughts on “Time-honoured rituals of regulation live on

  1. Davies Ben

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0k2PmF-o5Q No need for regulation WHO REPEALLED THE GLASS STEAGAL ACT? Bill Clinton is a hero of the Democratic party yeah right!!!!!!


    http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=1409 Murdoch joins board of the Cato Institute!!!! Working for other peoples slavery politicans and journalists!!!!!!


    http://www.lp.org/platform Tony Abbot is not a Conservative but a Libertarian!!! And when are journalists going to start asking Tony on what is the difference between Conservatives and Libertarians?

    The platform and agenda of the Libertarian Political Party or Cato Institute. Who elects Politicans to hand over complete control of a country to the banking sector? We don’t need government we can simply let the Banks write the rules. Somehow I think Tony has forgotten his English HERITAGE AND HISTORY!!!! William Tyler back in the 12th century did something that even King Richard The LionHeart had to actually return to England.

    Here you can clearly see all Libertarians believe in is giving banks an extra 3% of the total sum of a countries money supply to themselves. After 30 years it is no wonder where the world is. When is a journalist going to ask Tony Abbot or Julia Gillard on these DEMANDING ISSUES INHERIT IN OUR BANKING SYSTEM?

    Because this is what is going to happen if these policies are pursued!!!!

  2. Lord Barry Bonkton

    “A new political ear ” ?????????????????? Tony got his Big Ears from his days at the church .

  3. Damien

    Never ask a Canberra bureaucrat how to reduce red tape.

  4. Suzanne Blake

    Abbott should be replaced urgently

  5. Jimmy

    SB- For once we agree but who with, I would go for Turnbull but where does that leave the Libs on things like the the carbon tax?

  6. gregb

    Now that, SB, is the most sensible statement you’ve ever made here.

  7. Suzanne Blake

    @ Jimmy

    As I have said before, both parties are void of TRUE leaders. Smith would be better for Labor and I guess Turnbull, with a question mark over Fletcher.

  8. Archer

    Just bribe Peter Costello to return. He’ll handle Gillard at question time and scare Swan for good measure.

  9. Gavin Moodie

    I remain mystified why Liberal supporters believe Costello would be a good leader. He is meretricious, certainly, but in the end vacuous. Each time after his non-challenges of Howard he said he would speak broadly outside his portfolio but each time he produced nothing more than platitudes. What policy would Costello have on . . . anything? What new idea would he contribute to the Coalition? What would he contribute beyond clever put-downs in Parliament?

  10. john2066

    Actually, I work in small business, I dont normally agree with Tony Abbott, but I do here, red tape is out of control. There is a creeping tide of pointless overregulation, ohs, ‘privacy’ laws, all rubbish, all making business virtually impossible. We do urgently need to cut red tape.

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