Ridout: fix the carbon price, don’t repeal it. Industry leader Heather Ridout is no fan of Julia Gillard’s carbon tax, but she says Tony Abbott’s plan to repeal it would do more harm than good. “We don’t need uncertainty on top of uncertainty,” the Australian Industry Group chief executive told The Power Index. “Our members really want to get moving on this issue. The whole repealing issue is a very complicated one.”

Ridout, The Power Index‘s No.2 most powerful lobbyist, said a “market based mechanism” is still the cheapest and most efficient way to cut carbon emissions. The Coalition’s “direct action” climate policy aims for a 5% reduction in Australia’s year 2000 carbon emissions output by 2020 by retiring old power plants and investing in soil carbon and renewables. — The Power Index (read the full story here)

Power’s out for Sims and the ACCC. Not long ago ACCC Chairman Rod Sims was talking up how he planned to further strengthen the powers of the competition watchdog. Following yesterday’s Metcash decision, he’s now working on how to ensure it has a say at all in mergers it deems uncompetitive in the future.

The Federal Court yesterday unanimously rejected the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s appeal against the $215 million acquisition of Franklins by grocery wholesaler Metcash. The decision has significant ramifications for the competition watchdog, and for Sims’ ability to wield power in the chairman position. — The Power Index (read the full story here)

Greiner: O’Farrell only doing ‘a bit’ on assets. It’s been a good couple of weeks since Nick Greiner’s last attempt to take on Barry O’Farrell, so The Power Index was pleased to hear that the Infrastructure Chairman has once again been telling the Premier how to run NSW.

Greiner, our No. 1 most powerful person in Sydney, told a Sydney conference yesterday that the Coalition was “doing a bit on asset sales — but it’s only a bit”. Lucy Clark (read the full story here)