New South Wales

Nov 30, 2011

ICAC inquiry: Ron Medich details night with sex worker

Multimillionaire Sydney businessman Ron Medich this morning made his long-awaited appearance in the witness box at the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Margot Saville — <em>Crikey</em> Sydney reporter

Margot Saville

Crikey Sydney reporter

Multimillionaire Sydney businessman Ron Medich this morning made his long-awaited appearance in the witness box at the Independent Commission Against Corruption. But much to the frustration of Counsel Assisting, Geoffrey Watson, SC, Medich seems more interested in discussing the provision of s-x workers than answering his questions The Commission is looking into allegations Medich and associate Lucky Gatellari organised a s-x worker for former NSW energy minister Ian Macdonald as a reward for arranging dinner with state energy executives in July 2009. He told the Commission that, after dinner at the Tuscany Restaurant in Leichhardt, he drove Macdonald to the Four Seasons Hotel to meet an Asian s-x worker called Tiffanie. He said Macdonald had asked him to come in and have a drink with him so he could gauge "the lay of the land". The minister seemed concerned about being recognised, he said. A couple of days later the licensee of the Tuscany restaurant, Frank Moio, had received a furious phone call from Mrs Macdonald, wanting to know why her husband had a Four Seasons room key in his coat pocket. She was told that her husband had simply had a neck massage. Medich, who is one of five men charged with the murder of Sydney businessman Michael McGurk, said in his written evidence that the minister had "wanted to get a girl discreetly without anyone knowing about it". Medich's evidence is continuing.

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6 thoughts on “ICAC inquiry: Ron Medich details night with sex worker

  1. Tis a Pity

    Great to see Crikey using the term “s-x worker” instead of the derogatory term “pr-stitute” that all the other media; including the ABC are currently using.

    Now all we need is someone who writes balanced and evidence based articles on s-x worker and workers to balance the unbalanced and evidence free output of Chris Seage on these pages.

  2. Edward James

    What a shame we are not getting much evidence of corrupt conduct and conspiracy

  3. klewso

    So “What About Breakfast at Tiffanie’s”, now The Four Seasons? “Big Man in Town”, “Don’t Think Twice”, “Walk Like a Man”, “Ronnie”, “Ain’t That a Shame”, “Let’s Hang On”, “Rag Doll” …..?

  4. Suzanne Blake

    A room key in his pocket, he is stupid and she is naive.

    I went to a function a few months ago and David Campbell was there. Poor bloke, looked miserable and people instantly recognised him and you could see them part as he walked past.

    I spoke with him for 10 minutes on this and that, he was very friendly. Shame actually that it ended the way it did.

  5. Andybob

    I think I’d rather have a Minister who attends gay sex clubs and has the guts to admit it than one who accepts sexual favors from people doing business with public enterprises. Let alone the incompetence in leaving the key in his pocket for his wife to find, and the insult to our collective intelligence of continuing to cling to the neck massage explanation. Fortunately nothing of this sort has ever happened, could ever happen or is ever likely to have even been thought of in Melbourne. That’s why we don’t need a corruption commission. See what happens when you have one ? It finds corruption. Who wants that ?

  6. Suzanne Blake

    Another day another Labor MP exposed

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