Killing time at The Oz. An article on The Australian website today has a link to a story about Queensland Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser. The link to the story carries a photo of Fraser, although it’s not the politician, but the disgraced former lawyer, who is currently being portrayed by David Wenham in the Foxtel series Killing Time …

The scourge of Twitter as a source. If it wasn’t bad enough that this AAP article was reproduced by both Fairfax and News, the use of this quote from Twitter — responding to popular TV show The Flight of the Conchords becoming a feature film — is just cringeworthy:

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!”…

A post on Reddit said it best …

Front page of the day. Today’s Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram covers the nation’s historic voting for its parliamentary elections:

The Department of Corrections. Saturday’s Canadian newspaper the Toronto Star apologised for getting the year wrong on a photo caption in an article on Friday. Alarm bells probably began to ring when readers queried a 1980s sedan driving around in the 1890s …

New shareholder vote for James Murdoch

“Last month, James Murdoch survived a contentious News Corporation shareholder vote to remain on the company’s board. On Tuesday, Mr. Murdoch could face another room full of heated investors.” — New York Times

ACCC gives Foxtel leeway on Austar takeover bid

“The competition watchdog has given Foxtel more time to make submissions on its $1.9 billion takeover bid for Austar just two days before it was expected to hand down its recommendations.” — The Australian

What happens when newspapers abandon subeditors

“Salt Lake City Weekly was the first to write about the Deseret News’ hyphenated hed trailing off the page, which the alt-paper claims ‘points to an appalling inattention to detail.’ How did it happen?” —

Economist’s profits increase as digital-only subs top 100k

The Economist is having a very good year so far: Not only has the publication reached a significant digital milestone, having sold more than 100,000 digital-only subscriptions to date, but print circulation is also up 3% to nearly 1.5 million copies for the first half of the year.” — Mashable

Old news new again thanks to Facebook’s frictionless sharing

“Some news websites are seeing remarkably strong traffic to old stories, prompting an intriguing question — how important is it, really, that news be new?” — Poynter