Victorian public service on alert. The purge of the Victorian public service has begun, according to a Spring Street insider. But not the one imagined. “There’s a coincidence of interests between Labor-appointed departmental heads and anti-Baillieu ministers,” our tipster says. “The departmental heads hunt down and ‘kill’ Bailleiu aligned and/or wet liberal public servants, so proving the secretary’s loyalty and keeping their jobs safe, for the moment. Meanwhile, the ministers keep clean hands and cull what they see as the real enemy.”

MP and the PA? Doubt it. Yep, we’ve heard the one about the MP and the PA that’s been doing the rounds of Parliament House in Canberra. We don’t reckon there’s anything in it.

Recalled: email from councillor. Which councillor and former mayor “accidentally” sent out racist emails to 700-plus people?

See how power works in this country.

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A bullying culture at Sydney Uni? An understandably anonymous tipster claims bullying of staff and students at the University of Sydney is now so rampant that staff openly seek to garner the support of students in their fight against an “utterly stubborn” management. They write:

“Further, students have been driven to the point of suicide or even attempted suicide at the hands of bullying university staff and the stock university response is to engage its hired legal guns (the Office of General Counsel) to shut the complainants down. Further still, the university’s perpetual cash cow, the Business School, is awash with bullying of Chinese students, first through the over-representation of such students in academic dishonesty matters, and again the discriminatory manner in which those students are dealt with when they make special consideration applications due to illness or misadventure. Chinese students are often publicly yelled at by lecturers in the Business School: ‘You are in Australia now, do as we do!'”

Are things really that bad? We’d love to hear from more staff and faculty on life on campus. Drop us a line or comment anonymously.

Qantas not so up-to-date. If you happen to be interested in Qantas and noticed today there was a profit update and wanted to go to the airline’s website to the investor section to check it, you would find exactly nothing. The last statement for investors was the August 16 report on revamping the airline (some of which seems to have been made redundant by the strikes and markets turmoil, if today’s media reports are any guide). But as to new updates or statements to the recent AGM or statements by CEO Alan Joyce during the recent disputes, zilch. And yet the website section promises: “Here current and prospective shareholders can access a wide range of information about Qantas and keep up to date on company performance …”

See how power works in this country.

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