Nov 28, 2011

Parkinson: Durban talks off to a bad start

The UN climate change talks begin today in Durban in much the same way they have since 1995 -- with rhetoric about why the world needs to act but virtually no agreement on how or when.

The United Nations climate change talks begin their 17th iteration in the rain-soaked South African city of Durban this morning in much the same way that they have since 1995 — with a host of fine rhetoric about why the world needs to act on global warming, but virtually no agreement on how or when.

Usually, these conferences manage to overcome their organisational chaos, and the days spent negotiating over what is to be negotiated, to patch together just enough of an agreement to continue the process for another few years.

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40 thoughts on “Parkinson: Durban talks off to a bad start

  1. Microseris

    Ironic to see that respective responses to the global financial crisis and global climate change. One created by markets by monumental greed and stupidity and which there was an immediate worldwide response, the other which the first world has essentially created (so far) and has far more at stake, where there is lots of talk and virtually no action.

    One has had saturation, universal coverage from the media arguing a compelling case for action, the other has had every imbecile (read Monckton, Bolt, Jones, Rinehart, Joyce, et al.) say whatever they want and the media report it as valid.

    Greed rules..

  2. Suzanne Blake

    The Durban talks are a waste of jet fuel, security and food and beverages. The World (except Australia) are backing away from this so fast its like a WW2 Italian Tank!. The countries will talk this and that, but thats all it is.

  3. Modus Ponens

    Until the severe and frequent natural disasters start piling up, and the bailing out of financial markets has succeeded, I fear the world will do nothing. Each year, we get closer to the tipping point of no return.

    But it is with a unique sense of pride that I see Australia with Norway advocating for a fast global solution.

    I am not used to this feeling.

  4. Peter Ormonde

    Strangely Mr Ponens, Australia was once a bit of a global pace setter on social issues and reform. But that of course was before the place was infested with Troofies and Blakes who would be far too shy and reticient to get up on the dance floor while everyone was looking. Talk about cringe. Wall- flowers the lot of ’em.

    But it is warming (pardon the word) to see Australia not – for once – slithering into the conservative cot with the Canadians Saudis and the like.

  5. Michael

    How do you people keep a straight face?
    You’re all mostly well educated so how is it possible that you all pursue these superstition like beliefs and then have the temerity to castigate those (nuts) who follow religion?

  6. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Exactly which straight-faced nut cases are you addressing here Michael? Are you a global-warming-is-a-superstition person or are you trying to sink the slipper into any denier you think you can spot? Either way you aren’t putting your case very clearly.

  7. Jimmy

    SB – “The World (except Australia) are backing away from this so fast” I know you find this difficult but do you possibly have any evidence fot this statement?

    Peter & Modus – Yeah it is good to know Australia can go there with some credibility when asking others to act.

    I also find this aspect of the conference fascinating – ” his focus will also be on the need to build bilateral links with the likes of New Zealand, California, South Korea, China, Japan and Indonesia” a carbon market comprising Australia and those 6 countries would be ver significant.

  8. Michael

    Hugh you seem like a good example, thanks for volunteering.
    It does seem like the rest of the world has moved on and accepted the underlying purpose of the histrionics – wealth distribution. As the gig now seems up & over you will excuse me if I resume ROFLMAO position?!!!

  9. Suzanne Blake

    @ Jimmy

    USA (as per Obama) and Canada (as per their PM) for starters

  10. Peter Ormonde

    Strewth Suzanne … who tells you this stuff? The women at the kids’ footie again? The butcher?

    Her you go .. have a wander on these and you’ll actually see what the US and Canada are doing:



    But I know you won’t… it would disturb your prejudices. There really is no excuse for this continued display of ignorance and woeful grammar.

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