Morals take back seat when it comes to taking political advantage

Crikey readers have their say.

Peter Slipper:

Roger Davenport writes: re. “Huge win for Labor as Slipper takes the chair” (yesterday, item 1). Well what a surprise, the Speaker of the House of Representatives resigns before the Parliament closes for the summer recess.

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9 thoughts on “Morals take back seat when it comes to taking political advantage

  1. wayne robinson

    Sigh… Tamas still doesn’t get it. Starting a time sequence in a warm year due to an abnormally strong el Nino event doesn’t mean that there has been no warming since 1998.

  2. Roger Clifton

    @ Tamas. Indeed! And what if climate change turns out to be so savage that the survivors want to kill those who obstructed reform ?

  3. kd

    It’s Tamas incoherent gibberish, and he’s not going to let anyone take it away from him.

  4. T2

    Wo! Tamas…. You don’t even follow the latest research from your own side. Haven’t you read the Berkley analysis?

  5. Tamas Calderwood

    T2 – the Berkeley analysis confirms that global temp has been flat since 1998 and has seen only 0.7c warming since 1860.

    Wayne – read today’s AFR review. The lead article confirms no warming since 1998. How much has it warned since then according to your analysis?

    Roger – still no sign of this ‘savage’ climate change so I’m feeling pretty safe, thanks.

  6. wayne robinson


    Do you mean the opinion piece written by Mark Lawson? If so, it’s not a good piece of work. It reports what English newspapers have reported that Professor Curry of BEST said in a telephone interview, not what she actually said (and she has denied the newspaper reports in her blog). Mark Lawson is also a climate change denialist. He wrote ‘A Guide to Climate Change Lunacy’ put out by the same small publisher that produced Ian Plimer’s ‘Heaven and Earth’ (which I have read, a shocking travesty of bad and inaccurate science (eg ‘the Sun is a pulsar star’, no it isn’t, pulsars are rapidly rotating neutron stars, and the Sun has an iron core) and George Pell’s book.

    Mark Lawson is as credible as you.

  7. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Tamas, you are a massager. In previous comments to Crikey you have agreed that there has been an infinitesimal temperature increase since 1998. Which adds just a tiny bit to the general and measurable increase over the past century. You even provided a source for your information.
    You are as responsible for your own written opinions as those University of East Bumcrack academics. I agree with KD except it’s not incoherent, it’s just plain gibberish. Tamasgibberish. And the sea level is still rising, acidity is still increasing and, blow me down, there seems to be a coincident rise in atmospheric CO2. Who would have thought that what was so obvious could be so opaque?

  8. Tamas Calderwood

    It’s just that they keep predicting temperature increases of 2, 3, 5 degrees celsius by 2100. Where is the warming Charlie? On present trends the world will be maybe 0.5C-1C warmer by 2100.

    Why is that a crisis?

  9. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    Tamas, I never said it was a crisis, you brought that word here. Just now. You go on and on about what “they” said or say, but we have all read all of them, Tamas. There’s wheat and chaff and you read the chaff like tea leaves. Cut to the chase, man. You are predicting (read your own words above) that “On present trends the world will be maybe 0.5C-1C warmer by 2100”. Does that mean something? Should we take this amateur scientific analysis of yours seriously? Or can we scan the whole field and see what the community, including the real and pseudo scientists, believe 0.5C or 1.0C or even 2.0C might mean. You have often told us that it is extremely difficult to predict events 90 or 100 years out so how is your level of confidence for your personal prediction? Oh, you’ve got a crisis of confidence have you? Welcome to the world.

  10. wayne robinson


    You do have a remarkably one dimensional (linear) mind. Have you heard of tipping points? The mechanism that involves positive feedback loops increasing the degree and rate of change. With global warming, one such tipping point is increased melting of ice and snow. As this happens, the Earth’s albedo decreases as less solar energy is reflected and more energy absorbed causing more warming and more melting of ice and snow causing a decrease in the Earth’s albedo causing …

    Another is melting of permafrost releasing methane from buried plant material.

    Another is out gassing of CO2 from the oceans as they warm causing increased warming.

    There are other tipping points.

    It’s extremely silly to think that you can extrapolate a future trend from a short time sequence, particularly when you persistently chose to start from an abnormally warm year.

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