ABC coverage of the Kiwi election. Why isn’t ABC News 24 running rolling coverage of the New Zealand parliamentary elections on Saturday? And does anyone really care? Aunty’s elections guru seemed to suggest it was a budgetary decision on his blog on Monday, writing:

“It is possible to take a feed from TVNZ, but you have to pay to get the feed across the Tasman and you have to pay TVNZ on a per-minute basis to use their coverage. As TVNZ is a commercial broadcaster, you also have to be set up to break away whenever they go to commercial breaks, which means more people staffing controls rooms than would normally be the case on a Saturday night. There will be ABC coverage of the results in normal News 24 bulletins through the evening and they may take the TVNZ coverage for more important moments of the night.”

But an ABC spokesperson insists it wasn’t down to money — simply interest. “We will be going to the TVNZ live coverage as it warrants — and this may be quite frequently — and the ABC will cover the results in all its live news bulletins. This hasn’t been a budget decision.”

University witch-hunt for cutbacks mole. Which Group of Eight university, when attempting to track down the source of the leak concerning its proposed cutbacks on tutorials in its humanities faculty a few months ago, started monitoring of all of its outgoing email in an attempt to track down the mole?

CEO accused of workplace harassment. A Sydney-based charity seems to be standing by its CEO despite what we’re told are numerous claims of harassment. “On each occasion the all-male board has supported the dismissal of those bringing the matter to them,” according to an insider. “In six years, three heads of human resources have been ‘disposed of’.”

Battle over a park in Adelaide. New South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill will need all of his calm to deal with Campbelltown City Council, according to a local spy. The council, in the heart of embattled minister Grace Portolesi’s territory, is selling a slice of a major park to developers for tourism and hospitality. They write:

“The park is owned by the state but run by the council which has been slow to take up actual ownership. The reason that the council gives for the sale is that if they don’t sell the highly visible main road frontage to the park then the state government will sell another less lucrative piece. Last July, however, the council threw out a plan for a world-class maze which was a plan to stop the sell off of any part of the park, because councillors said that there was no danger that the government would actually sell the land. In the past the local community has taken very badly to the idea of selling off chunks of park and fought hard to save another local park. They won the support of ex-premier Mike Rann who pushed a special law through parliament to save the bulk of the endangered area from the Liberal Party who were anxious to sell it off. With state government plans to increase the population in this area substantially  Weatherill will need to act quickly to avert an angry backlash.”

Assange v Howard in India? Will Julian Assange finally have a chance to meet an Australian prime minister? A Crikey reader alerted us to the speakers’ line-up at next month’s Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in New Delhi — starring the WikiLeaks founder Assange and former PM John Howard. Though given Assange’s legal troubles, we doubt he’ll make the trip. Howard will speak on “The World Turned Upside Down” with former Spanish PM Gregory Cappelli.