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Nov 24, 2011




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13 thoughts on “Bitter Climate Science Tryst Shock Scandal Rift Emails Exposed

  1. Powerfox junior

    20 years as a scientist and not one colleague has ever called me “Poopoohead”, but cat videos are ubiquitous. “Scientists clash over unethical use of animals in research”…..

  2. drmick

    Dead scientist found nude……..on mortuary slab. Still maintains climate is warming.

  3. zut alors

    Still reeling from today’s Harry Jenkins’ controversy, it fair pushed me over the edge to read of ‘secret nude emails.’

  4. Mike Jones

    Is it true that News Hackers hacked the Crikey website and are poised to do a giant exposee that warmenist cartoon dogs are cool ?

    FD, I’ve noticed that you’re leaning heavily on the rhetorical question as a vehicle for engagement – aren’t you ?

  5. scottyea

    Finally a Firstdog I can laugh at because I actually get it

  6. zut alors

    And what’s this disruption over the past days with the Crikey server? It’s getting more maintenance than Joan Collins.

  7. Andrew L

    The science is in! An entire FDotM!

  8. drovers cat

    not THAT cat video … I was young, I needed the money …

  9. Mike Jones

    Sure, Drovers Cat, to support your habit…… catnip ?

  10. Meski

    @MJ: NewsVeryLimited – warm-ongers, the lot of them.

  11. Meski

    (blame it on Dilbert – he came up with cow-orkers)

  12. Edward James

    The shut downs, were possibly related to the spew fart dribble between Tim Flannery and Ray Hadley

  13. shitesherlock

    I love you and your saucy sciency ways too FD.


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