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Nov 23, 2011

Hadley v Flannery: who’s telling the truth?

Ray Hadley blasted Tim Flannery and Crikey over claims the 2GB host arranged a call to his program that sparked a flurry of criticism over his waterfront property. But Flannery is standing by his story.

Tim Flannery is standing by claims 2GB host Ray Hadley arranged a call to his program that sparked a flurry of criticism over his waterfront property.

Hadley took to the airwaves today with a fierce rebuttal, branding the environmental campaigner a “low bastard” and demanding an apology for comments he made in the current edition of Quarterly Essay.

As Crikey reported yesterday, Flannery tracked down the neighbour, “David”, who called Hadley’s program and revealed the location of his home on the Hawkesbury River. Hadley used the discussion to brand Flannery a hypocrite for warning of sea level rises while living by the water, an attack which was later picked up by Andrew Bolt and News Limited titles The Daily Telegraph and The Australian.

Hadley had David back on the program today, who insisted he’d never met the radio host and had called the program himself.

“Not true at all, never worked for you, Ray,” the caller said, claiming Flannery “tried to bully me and tried to silence me”.

“He [Flannery] said basically all people who listen to 2GB are crazy and he tried to basically draw a comparison with what happened in Norway the week before,” he said.

Hadley raged against Flannery and Crikey (without mentioning Quarterly Essay) at various points in his program today, demanding an apology and threatening legal action. Listen to the audio here.

“The only thing I’ve got in life is my reputation,” he exclaimed. “Yesterday in Crikey you sullied my reputation with lie after lie after lie. I today demand from you and Crikey an apology, a written apology for the lies you wrote about me yesterday …

“Is there nothing you won’t do to try and discredit your opponents? You’re lower than you could ever possibly be to do something like that …

“When we go to a defamation court sometime in the future, professor, I’ll rely on that tape from David exposing you for what you are. An unmitigated liar who’s tried to sully my reputation by an attack on me yesterday which was completely and utterly false. And I hope the decent people at Crikey, who are after truth and justice, publish the apology in the form that it’s written having published that thing yesterday …

“You low bastard. You low bastard. Fair dinkum.”

Flannery strongly denied threatening David and told Crikey this afternoon he stands by everything he wrote.

The former Australian of the Year explains he went to visit David with his wife, who took notes of the conversation which back his version of events.

According to Flannery, David initially said “I work for them” before clarifying he was a car detailer who worked on Hadley’s car and others at 2GB.

“Mr Hadley needs to take it up with David,” Flannery said from Perth.

“I stand by everything I wrote.”

Flannery wrote in Quarterly Essay of his meeting with David:

“His stammering voice was so unlike the smart-alec tone I’d heard on the radio that at first I thought I had the wrong person. But he soon admitted that he knew Ray Hadley. In fact, he worked for him.

“David then stated emphatically that he had not called Ray Hadley at all. Instead Hadley had asked him to appear on the show, and had called him. David said that Hadley had sought him out after learning that I lived nearby. The story, and all of the supposed ‘facts’ that David was to raise during the interview, had, according to David, been assembled beforehand by Hadley and his team … David stated: ‘You’re on the other side of the fence [regarding climate change] … they hate you … they’re out to get you.'”

Crikey sought comment from Hadley before publication yesterday but is yet to hear directly from the 2GB host.

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60 thoughts on “Hadley v Flannery: who’s telling the truth?

  1. Oscar Jones

    Good grief-poor old Hadley on the warpath with intent to prove he can fill Alan Jone’s pumps.

    As a Labor voter there is one thing I am pleased about : and that is that we have the very honest but tough Greg Smith as AG. Smith is not about to be influenced by shock jocks fulminating as though they should have right to influence government policy just because the last State lot jumped when commanded.

    Hadley sounds like a bully and he does not speak for the people, just the dills who listen to him. Flanery should ignore the redneck.

  2. heavylambs

    Good on Flannery for confronting Hadley. I listened to the whole transcript of the ‘story’, which was nothing but vindictive gossip revealing the unwitting ignorance of those taking part. Very sad indeed.

  3. Verio Browning

    To paraphrase the biblical text: “by their tone ye shall know them” – and thus, I know who I believe and it sure isn’t that big mouth from the airways. He sounds a tad caught out to me.

  4. Microseris

    Let me see who do I believe? Palaeontologist, environmentalist, museum director, author and former Australian of the year or an angry, bully boy, redneck shock jock. Mmmm…

  5. CliffG

    Whatever the truth, isn’t it interesting that Hadley’s “reputation” matters, but he lives off trashing everyone elses? These abusive aggressive radio characters, (tough guys hiding in radio studios behind a microphone and a cut off button) who are abusing public airwaves attacking individuals, need to be honed in. It has gone on long enough.

  6. Stevo the Working Twistie

    While I can see Mr Hadley is upset, this episode in no way detracts from his reputation, which last time I checked was as a lowest-common-denominator shock jock and bloviator of the first water.

  7. Jeanette Kennett

    Should be easy enough to verify if David is a car detailer and has worked on 2GB cars. If he is, Hadley won’t go to court because it would come out instantly. He’ll just huff and puff.

  8. dag

    I think we all know who is so low they could parachute out of a snakes behind and still have time to free fall. I am surprised why Flannery would bother with these worthless jokes. He’ll end up with a bus load of loud mouths on his front lawn holding I love Ray signs.

  9. rhwombat

    Methinks the Hadley doth protest too much. Too much form Ray, too many witnesses. You’re stuffed.

  10. Bosch Anthony

    ahh ray specifically said he won’t be taking legal action. Seems like this site reports in the same way as the tele. The spin just goes in the other direction.

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