Nov 22, 2011

Police, not councils, should regulate brothels

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell’s proposed brothel reforms are doomed for failure while governments in Victoria and Western Australia get tough with rogue operators, writes Chris Seage, tax consultant, former ATO audit manager Brothel Busters owner.

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell’s proposed brothel reforms are doomed for failure while governments in Victoria and Western Australia get tough with rogue operators by making the police responsible for s-x industry regulation. O’Farrell wants to create a Br0thel Licensing Authority and charge legal brothels around $30,000 per annum licence fees. With these funds they are going to employ more local council compliance officers and send them to areas where illegal brothels are a problem.


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16 thoughts on “Police, not councils, should regulate brothels

  1. ianjohnno1

    Foxs and chickens but the chickens have teeth and the foxs are chicken.

  2. Conrad

    Councils are for development applications, garbage collection and overcharging on rates.

    Illegal sex and crime are for the police

  3. John Newton

    Aah, bewdy mate back to the good old days of the coppers copping freebies for turning a bind eye. worked a treat back in the days of dear old Bumper Farrell, why not give it a burl today?

    One of the stupider ideas of the week

  4. Peter Wood

    I would much rather hear what Sex Workers have to say about this issue than see yet more articles in Crikey from this brothel industry lobbyist.

  5. Conrad

    Give it a burl? Hey John – you sound like Barack Obama!

  6. Stevo the Working Twistie

    hahahahahahahaha!!!!! I haven’t laughed so much since Roger Rogerson handed me a brown paper bag.

  7. Warren Straker

    Perhaps the reason the police have come a long way since the Wood Commission is because they are out of the way of temptation by not having responsibility of policing brothels.

  8. Sally Goldner

    Ah, spot on, Peter Wood. When lots (emphasis) of groups, including
    among others, politicians from the 2 larger parties, media and so-called
    radical feminists realise people who work in the s-x industry can be
    assertive, knowledgable, intellectually and emotionally intelligent,
    may well know about their own lives and are not all victims we will
    get good policy. Here’s hoping.

  9. AR

    NSW Police Service has come a long way since those dark days of the Royal Commission and now have a reputation of a corruption-resistant force. surely thou jestest?!?>
    Reminds me of an old, 70s, debate on abortion which had a couple of priests, a cop, sundry pollies and .. not a woman within coee.
    Great idea, bring back the old 21st Squad, that’ll learn ’em. Brown paper bags all ’round.

  10. Geoff

    Yet another piece of self-interested spin from a guy whose sole interest with this constant barrage of agitprop is to remove any competition with his own business. Pass me the barf bag

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