Film director David Lynch has released an album. It’s called Crazy Clown Time (it was either that or ‘Crazy Dwarf Time’…) and as you’d expect it’s very Lynchian.

Unfortunately — unlike many of Lynch’s movies — it’s not very good. You can only tolerate Lynch ‘singing’ via a vocoder for an extremely limited length of time. Remember when Neil Young lost the plot with his 1982 Trans album?

There is one stand-out song on Lynch’s album that’s unrepresentative of the material found elsewhere though.

Who would have thought Lynch would release an upbeat feel-good Moby-esque track? Good Day Today is a song soaked in positivity. Although if you want to have a good day today it’s probably best if you just keep walking if you find a severed human ear in your outwardly tranquil suburban neighbourhood (that’s hiding a seedy and dangerous underbelly).


And here’s an inspired David Lynch-inspired music video based on Eraserhead courtesy of UK satire punks Half Man Half Biscuit who’ve got Restless Legs.