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Nov 22, 2011

Flannery: Hadley concocted story on my waterside home

Of all the responses to Robert Manne's Quarterly Essay on The Australian it is the letter from Tim Flannery published in the latest edition that adds the juiciest grist to the mill.


Of all the responses to Robert Manne’s Quarterly Essay on The Australian — a defence from Weekend Oz editor Nick Cater, more criticism from Jay Rosen, Ian Lowe, Rodney Tiffen, Jack Waterford and Mark Latham — it is the letter from Tim Flannery published in the latest edition (in bookshops and online this month) that adds the juiciest grist to the mill.

The environmental activist reveals for the first time how he was set up by radio shock jock Ray Hadley, who fuelled a fierce campaign from News Limited papers against the Australian of the Year.

In July, Hadley took a call on his 2GB program from “David” proclaiming to be a neighbour of Flannery’s. Flannery owned a waterfront home, the caller said, detailing its precise location and highlighting his apparent hypocrisy on sea level rises.

The story took off: Andrew Bolt took to his blog with further details of the house (including a Google map) and its value, The Daily Telegraph went to print with a story, and after promising an “intelligent article” on the issue of sea level rises, Flannery claims, The Australian‘s Ean Higgins wrote a piece rehashing the Hadley revelations.

Flannery did his own investigation. He found an address for “David” and made a house call. Flannery writes:

“His stammering voice was so unlike the smart-alec tone I’d heard on the radio that at first I thought I had the wrong person. But he soon admitted that he knew Ray Hadley. In fact, he worked for him.

“David then stated emphatically that he had not called Ray Hadley at all. Instead Hadley had asked him to appear on the show, and had called him. David said that Hadley had sought him out after learning that I lived nearby. The story, and all of the supposed ‘facts’ that David was to raise during the interview, had, according to David, been assembled beforehand by Hadley and his team … David stated: ‘You’re on the other side of the fence [regarding climate change] … they hate you … they’re out to get you.'”

As Flannery pointed out to any journalist who asked, his house in fact sits above the most radical projections of sea level rises.

He launched legal action against The Oz and won a withdrawal of the article, publication of a page-three apology and $5000 in legal costs. He writes:

“The experience has taught me several things about the hate media in Australia. First, as they seek to slur those they hate, they do not hesitate to manufacture a story if one does not exist. Second, as the story is picked up by other opinionists, they are prone to weave ever more scandalous fictional tidbits from the blogosphere into the story. Third, in their efforts to obtain an interview some journalists will lie and ignore the truth when it’s inconvenient to them.”

Crikey left a message on Hadley’s phone while he was on air this morning which has so far not be returned.


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87 thoughts on “Flannery: Hadley concocted story on my waterside home

  1. Mike Flanagan

    Thankyou Crickey for bringing such distasteful and unscrupulous behaviour to public’s attention.
    These people should be held in contempt by the community as the bow to the pressure of their irresponsible rent seeking backers at the communities’ risk.

  2. John Ryan

    If true I would not be holding my breath to hear from big mouth thin skinned Hadley,he like all the 2GB stable is a coward dish it but cant take it.
    It was the same on his farce of a Footy show.

  3. Procrustes Kelleher

    Could someone explain why this issue hasn’t been pursued by the ACA or whomever? How does Hadley’s employer keep him on air after that act? How do the powers that be justify no suspension of the station’s licence? Do we just live with’ such unethical, obnoxious and probably illegal behaviour? I must be so out of touch . . .

  4. rubiginosa

    Parents of Australia, don’t let your children grow up to be pathetic, shrieking, white males who should know — and behave — better.

  5. Microseris

    And so begins a myth deniers will run with for years, long after the true story has been exposed.

  6. C@tmomma

    Why hasn’t Tim Flannery reported Ray Hadley to The Press Council?

  7. Fran Barlow

    The above claim was still uncontested in Wikipedia at the Flannery reference until I edited the page just now to reflect this information.

  8. Edward James

    When I listen to 2GB I find it wise to have my ullshitb filter adjusted. Having plants call in is a habit radio shock jocks can’t seem to do without. So called shock jocks are not journalist they are more likely to be identifed as entertainers, which gives them a convenient escape from the oversight of the press council.

  9. Edward James

    The Flannery Hadley story above has hotted up this morning on 2GB! http://bit.ly/EJ_PNewsAds Edward James

  10. Ray

    I have just listened to Ray Hadley and the confirmation that I heard from the people he spoke to that day makes Tim Flannery out to be a liar, You can hear the pod cast on the 2gb site

  11. Bosch Anthony

    Gee how quickly u guys just eat that story up. Flannery is the one who can’t cop it. All ray said was he lives near the water which he does, he speeds on his boat which he does. Not a very interesting story but a factual one nether the less. Flannery’s other neighbor Bruce was the one who brought it to rays attention not david. I think “set up” is a bit rich. It seems like crikey is keen to publish the smallest dirt on ray just like ray was keen to announce the smallest dirt on flannery. Smells like hypocrisy.

  12. Suzanne Blake

    Flannery lives on the water. Has a boat, and David does exist, but never worked for Hadley.

    Looks like is too hot in the kitchen for Mr Flannery.

  13. Ravenred

    Suzanne, did you read the article above? At all?

  14. Suzanne Blake

    Yes and heard the caller David on 2GB. Expect a Crickey apology shortly.

  15. Son of foro

    [Expect a Crickey apology shortly.]

    Can we add that to your double dip recession prediction? And your Gillard gone by Christmas prediction?

  16. Chris Tallis

    2 people read this
    10 are in contempt of the media
    2 partisan hacks spout their vile defense of the vile tactic used by the vile shock jock to push the vile opinion of some anonymous polluter who is worried about having to pay a tad for their pollution.
    Sanity is not their strong point.

  17. Inzyman

    Clearly most respondents do not listen to Ray Hadley at all!! If you go after him you better have all your ducks lined up or he will rightfully tear you a new one ! After this mornings show clearly Flannery has been shown as the fraud he is and for those who blindly accept everything served to them by Crikey or whoever..buyer beware. Know one thing, Hadley may be opinionated but will never push lies or unfounded gossip. If he says it I wouldnt bet against him.

  18. Howie Ron

    As Hadley has said ” Flannery is a lowlife bastard”

  19. morgan josie

    Good on you Ray . Heard your statement on radio a little while ago.
    Love the way you stand up to the NO HOPERS.
    They seem to be coming out of the wood work.
    What a village idiot Flannerey is

  20. Williamson Adam

    Well Well Well Mr Flannery making up stories again. Lets hope Mr Hadley goes back on his word ( I will not be taking legal action) and sue’s the lot of you. I am sure he could do that and donate the lot to one of the many charities he help so much.
    It is just another load of cr#p that comes out of Mr Flannery so he can grab as much money as he can. i would like 180 k for 3 days a week work of telling people what they want to say.

  21. Suzanne Blake

    Jason, where is the apology to Ray Hadley and retraction?

  22. Shane

    I suggest Crikey publish an apology for this article. It’s a good story, a pity it’s a complete lie.
    Tim Flannery, Australian of the Year, what an embarrassment.
    Climate Change, ha ha! Stop it, I can’t stop laughing. Please, the climate is changing. Yes by about 0.1 percent over the next 1000 years. Hang on, the Y2K bug is returning. Run for the hills.

  23. Edward James

    11.30 am Wednesday. Ray Hadley calls Flannery a low bastard. Then demands an apology from Flannery, invites him to come on air. Hadley told listeners he also hopes Crikey will pursue the truth! After listening to Hadley talking to “David” this morning Wednesday. I reflected on this trusim, With great power comes great responsibility. Hadley says he wont sue Flannery, but he intends to pursue an apology. The story exposure will be on a pod cast ASAP. I hope Crikey.com puts up the pod cast, Edward James

  24. Williamson Adam

    Spot on Shane, just another bullshit story so they can give money out to thier mates. Soon it will be 2020 so they will come up with a story for that.

  25. SusieQ

    Why is it that all the Ray supporters on here have problems with spelling, writing and clear expression? Why do they support someone who is happy to fabricate stories about people? What would be your reaction if someone came up with a fabricated story about Ray? If its OK to make up a story about someone you don’t like, then surely you wouldn’t have a problem?

    So can we draw the implication from this that anyone who believes in climate change should not live anywhere near water? And if they do, Ray will be onto them right away!!! Onya Ray!

    Thank goodness this sort of redneck radio is not popular in Melbourne!

  26. Colin Kennedy

    As someone with first-hand personal experience of Ray Adley’s mode of intimidatory operation, I can fully believe every word of Tim’s account. It’s only the knuckle-dragging, phlegm-frothed, sub-moronic cretins who actually listen to this bloviating buffoon who will ever rise to his defence. He sure as hell will run a girly mile from rising to yours.

  27. Atkins steve


    I’m new to Crikey.

    I thought I’d check out the Tim Flannery accusation after listening to the Ray Hadley show today.

    Firstly I listened to David and he denies working for Hadley he also denied all other accusations, he did say Tim arrived unanounced on his doorstep and tried to intimidate him while making accusations regarding Hadley and his listeners, redneck yadah yadah stuff with an inuendo of mass murder potential,

    It seems pretty simple to me, Tim has been caught fabricating allegations.

    I will be interested to see how Crikey responds to this.


    From a potential subsciber.

  28. Climate Realist

    My first post….gee, so this is what a Marxist website looks like.
    With all the lefties protesting about “The Murdoch Press”…it’s good to see what “The Media” will be like under a Labor/Greens coalition….print and broadcast nothing but lies!!
    It’s a shame that this site does not follow it’s own mantra…to reveal the truth, not your version of it!!
    But the most distressing matter is…….how many people just accept this “crap”……remember lefties don’t like Tall Poppies…..do they!!

  29. Juggler

    Why is it that all the Ray supporters on here have problems with spelling, writing and clear expression?

    *laughs* … my thoughts exactly! And remember, these are only the relatively intelligent ones who know how to read and write …

  30. Oscar Jones

    Oh no-now we are Marxists.

    Raylene Hadley must have a team of regular fans who surf the net to defend their hero.

    Nothing is proved either way but I’d put my money on Flannery merely because his version is far more plausible.

    Raylene has slipped up though : by his own admission in his hysterical rant published elsewhere on crikey-he DID contact David after David left his number.

  31. Brown Bob

    Oh dear oh dear. It appears that a few phlegm-frothed, sub-moronic cretins let their hatred of shock jocks get the better of them. Couldn’t wait to put the boot in and now here you all are standing in front of everyone with your pants around your ankles.


    Sucks to be you ha ha. I think what we need is an inquiry into the left wing hate media in this country.

    I wonder why people are so ready to support a person willing to fabricate stories about someone else? Hmmm what other pearls of wisdom can Panasonic Tim can share with us? Anyone know what his views are on climate change?

  32. Jeanette Kennett

    Regarding Bolt’s behaviour in providing a Google map locating Flannery’s property. I wonder how he would feel if that were done to him. I happen to know where he lives. Should I post the address? No doubt he’d be outraged.

  33. cane greiggs

    crikey marxist? hah…whatever you do don’t visit glw, you’d have a stroke!
    pure gold this whole thing, you can’t make this ish up

  34. cane greiggs

    or apparently you can…..

  35. heavylambs

    You’ll have to forgive Hadley…he’s not the [snippest] [snip] in the [snip]box. He labours under the delusion that what he did to Flannery was in the public interest..sadly for that view,it’s all on tape.

  36. Lord Barry Bonkton

    Looks like Suzie TTH Blakey bought some of her “Clients ” along today , when they should have stayed in their English Class . Ray won’t sue , he is just full of himself and 2gb won’t stump up the cash. Crikey , we need a Troll Gate .

  37. Anderson David

    Ay am um…wun uv da nkukle drugging froffing bwain fwee apes who does hear stuf on radio box un buleev woteva mR Hadlee sez.
    The tripe being offered in the vast majority of commentary of this issue is disgraceful.
    Take a second, a deep breath and extract your head from that deep,dark place from which you believe the sun shines… Nah, can’t wait that long.

    Cast aside your preconceived notions of Hadley and/or political leanings (if you can, which I doubt) and try some independent thought.

    Personally, I believe Flannery should hand back his award and resign from his ludicrous post. Furthermore, Crikey should issue an apology and Hadley should pursue the matter in court.

    Any spelling errors here, blowhards?

  38. David Ready

    Even if Flannery’s side of the story was indeed true, what on earth was he doing fronting up to David’s front door with his wife in the first place? David on 2GB was simply putting a across a fact that Flannery purchased a house so close to the water and was asking if this was hypocritical. Why would Flannery come knocking on David’s door? Why didn’t he, say, lay a compliant with 2GB first, and then, not getting any satisfaction, then go off to the ACMA? It seems Flannery is an overly sensitive little petal.

    I hope Ray Hadley sues the pants off Flannery. Given the facts on Ray’s program today, with all the notes and timings of the initial calls, and given the testimony by David, I’ll like to see a court rule on the facts and award a goodly sum of money against Flannery. Flannery needs to be exposed for what he is.

    The call this morning from an outboard motor developer re Flannery using an environmentally unfriendly 2-stroke outboard motor on the Bismark during the filming of Two Men In A Tinny, after he was offered a subsidized non-polluting 4-stroke alternative, I supposed that was a setup too was it?

    Flannery has either just brought a house close to the water on the Hawkesbury; or he hasn’t. (He has btw).

  39. Anderson David

    Have to laugh at the “now with more source” motto. Shame the “source” is rancid and reeks of red peppers. Seems it would be a fitting condiment for LEFTovers only.

    PLEASE DELETE my trial subscription

  40. B.Tolputt

    So I wonder where the “possible subscriber” meme came from? Funny how many of those first posters coincidentally have only just come to Crikey &/or are considering subscriptions. Almost like someone suggested that would be a good part of an astroturf pitch… They do realise that such claims are not fooling anyone right?

  41. Colin Kennedy

    Of all the 7.3 billion people on this sad little planet, why on earth would one choose to make their first and only line of defence the reputation of Ray Adley?

    It’s depressing in extremis to think that there are actually life forms out there, probably breeding, which hang on his every mangled and mispronounced word.

    This man breaks like a little girl.

  42. Archer

    Well….that was awkward.

  43. Archer

    @Colin Kennedy

    “Of all the 7.3 billion people on this sad little planet, why on earth would one choose to make their first and only line of defence the reputation of Ray Adley?”

    Oh look, there’s a unicorn!

  44. Anderson David

    Mr/Mrs Tolputt, I would suggest you are experiencing several visitations by individuals (such as myself) in your microcosm of this “sad little world” as it is the only method of refuting the monotonous opinions littering this webscape. Maybe the signature of “potential subscriber” is an attempt to appeal to the $$ thirst of the publisher?
    Then again, maybe not…More to the point, why not consider the content of the comment rather than write it off as a troll footprint and consider that there may be alternative opinions other than your own. You may find it refreshing.

    I for one, do not wish to become a part of your circle jerk.

  45. Anderson David

    Excuse me…”Sad little planet”.
    Ever consider it may be carbon based lifeforms such as yourself that are pushing it in that direction?

  46. Suzanne Blake

    @Lord Barry Bonkton
    @ Archer

    You must have missed it today. Flannery was shown to be a liar like Gillard, and to be a bully, by knocking on his neighbours door with his wife, intimidating him and further suggesting that Ray Hadley was inducing Norway style violence.

    Flannery is the one that needs help here. He is getting $180k for 3 days a week work from lying Gillard and his liar has been exposed today. Open and shut case.

    Listen to the podcast. Its Shocking

  47. Suzanne Blake

    @ Lord Barry Bonkton & Archer

    Listen to the Hadley podcast today and you will see who the liar is. Big time exposed

  48. Suzanne Blake

    @ Lord Barry Bonkton & Archer

    Listen to the Hadley podcast today and you will see who is telling the truth.

    Big time exposed

  49. Colin Kennedy

    Now there’s a disconnect….Adley and the truth

    strangers to each other in so many ways

  50. Brown Bob

    “The above claim was still uncontested in Wikipedia at the Flannery reference until I edited the page just now to reflect this information.”

    LOL well that was a waste of effort wasn’t it? So did you go back there and clean up your own poop or did someone else have to do it for you ?

  51. Edward James

    Link direct to Hadley blow up on Wednesday morning, over the Tim Flannery article. http://t.co/S8JtBTG6 Edward James


    “But he (David) soon admitted that he knew Ray Hadley. In fact, he worked for him (Mr.Hadley)”

    Don’t wish to be pedantic however what Mr. Flannery stated in his article is that David told him he worked for Mr. Hadley.

    Is David saying Mr. Flannery is lying and he never told him he worked for Mr.Hadley?

    Maybe we need a definition of work.

    Not sure who will be able to sue whom based on basically he said and he didn’t say.

  53. Matthew of Canberra

    Why is hadley going after crikey over this? Why doesn’t quarterly essay even get a mention? Wow. You guys must be doing something right.

    “Suzanne Blake” – I listened to the broadcast, and I’m astonished how much I’m reminded of bullies from school. Ray hadley strikes me as not a very nice fellow. I found “david” to be as convincing as a three dollar note – more practice required before that big break comes, I’d say, “david”. Perhaps what flannery might consider is a bit of turnabout and publish the name of the detailing company that “david” works for, then let people find out for themselves if ray and “david” have any sort of pre-existing business relationship.

    I mean … if it’s ok to be handing out the locations of people’s homes on radio and all …

    Given that flannery has to rely on the testimony of an (apparently) questionable witness, it’s possible that he got some details wrong. But the story that was circulated about flannery’s house, his “hypocrisy” and his boat manners was still pure gossip, scurrilous and misleading.

    Stop listening to talkback radio, suzanne. It makes you stupid. It really does.

  54. Matthew of Canberra

    “How does Hadley’s employer keep him on air after that act?”


  55. Fran Barlow

    So Hadley has spat the dummy over Flannery’s account of events around this matter and is denying Flannery’s account of “Dave’s” motivation. He has hauled Dave, apparently his car detailer, back onto the show to support his (i.e Hadley’s) version of their on-air dealing.

    So let’s see … I can choose to believe an impressively educated man who has published over 90 scientific papers and has a responsible job with the government, and who knows full well that any minor misrepresenttation would be seized upon by hordes of flying monkeys led by those Flannery describes as “the hate media” or I can believe some car detailer and his customer, a radio mouth-for-hire with a nasty temper who clearly misrepresented the impressively educated man out of malice towards his role in public policy and possibly jealousy at his intellectual accomplishments.

    Gosh … tough gig. Whom to trust?

    Personally, I’d love to see this get to court, and see Hadley get his comeuppance. I’d be ready to chip in substantially to assist Flannery with his legal costs. I’d be pushing for punitive damages if it were possible.

  56. Climate Realist

    I love coming to these type of sites…the only defence you have is to call me a troll…
    You certainly enforce my opinion of the “lefties”…there’s not a brain among you, not only do you follow (and accept as gospel) what this site preaches (without one piece of your own evidence) but you also follow blindly Tim Flannery in his “Global Warming”…..er, sorry that’s no longer valid……ummm…”Climate Change” religion!!
    I doubt if there is a free thinking brain amongst you!!

  57. John Ryan

    Dear O dear the 2GB twits are all aflutter some one has told the truth about Hadley you 2GB lot would not know the truth if you fell over it in broad daylight

  58. Andrew McIntosh

    Smithers, unleash the hounds.

  59. Son of foro

    Who knew so many 2GB listeners knew about the internet?

  60. Chris Tallis

    This is hilarious

    I wonder how many hadley supporters here understand this important fact.

    Ray Hadley is PAID to forcefully express opinions.

    He is paid to promote what some faceless person wants you to think.

    He accepts money on the contracted basis that he will repeat to you what a puppet master wants you to think.

    They are not necessarily even things he believes.

    But I bet he never thought that you people could be exposed to such radical ideas here. It’s a mistake I bet he never makes again. And given that he will be reading every word on here I would like to ask where do you live ray? I love your work and would like to pop in and give you a Christmas gift. Do share mate or your fans might be forced to concluded that you a sniveling little coward.

  61. John Ryan

    who knew so many 2GB listeners could be so dumb, O wait…….

  62. Suzanne Blake

    @ Chris Tallis

    You have missed a key point.

    Ray Hadley is PAID on performance, he fails he loses his job.

    Professor Flanney is paid 180k a year for 3 days work, to support Gillard and Brown with their climate change rants. Gillard collapses in polls, he still keeps his job. Carbon markeys collapse and International Climate Change InterGovernmental group start unwinding and people pinpoint their agenda, and Flannery still keeps his job.

  63. Son of foro

    [Ray Hadley is PAID on performance, he fails he loses his job.]

    Exactly. His ‘performance’ is to stir up trouble and rile his listeners so much that they phone in, frothing at the mouth. He does it well, does Ray.

  64. Suzanne Blake

    @ Son of foro

    I guess you are paid on performance as well, unless you are a public servant.

    Hadley has the proof and a witness and Flannery has egg on his face and has been exposed.

  65. Son of foro


    No, I am PAID.

    We’ll see. I have no idea who is right or wrong in this case. If Hadley has the proof let him take legal action.

    I’ll add that prediction to your double dip recession / Gillard gone by xmas / Crikey to apologise list.

  66. Damien

    Suzanne, have you read anything Flannery has written? For example, his transcription and edit of Matthew Flinder’s circumnavigation of Australia in the 1790s? His histories of Sydney and Melbourne drawn entirely from contemporaneous sources with detailed and accessible accounts of the geology, flora and fauna of both locations before settlement? His edited version of the journals of Watkin Tench, a First Fleet Marine officer describing the first few years of white settlement in Australia? And many others including first-hand accounts of living with subsistance farmersand hunter gatherers in PNG?

    Are you seriously contending this person is a tea sipping, pencil sharpening (or any other similarly inaccurate or derogatory stereotype) public servant?

    I’m just wondering who is exposed here, Flannery or Hadley and the guy who details his car, along with those ofother 2GB personalities. Perhaps they protest too much?

  67. Suzanne Blake

    @ Damien

    You will have to do better Damien. Poor Ray Hadley has only had his car detailed once and its was a women and if he takes it to a car wash, he has no idea of what the peoples names are.

    Flannery has been exposed here, on the take from proven liar Gillard and need to keep up his climate change spin, to keep Gillard in power. Simple as that.

    Of couse you need paid ‘respected’ people to substiantiate your position. Flannery is paid and he has dug himself a hole, and it will be interesting how he gets out now.

    Why – cause Hadley has an eye witness, two in fact.

  68. Archer

    Fran Barlow
    Posted Wednesday, 23 November 2011 at 10:57 pm

    My my, Fran, do you have an intellectual class issue with the car detailers of the country? I would imagine if he can afford a home in the same area as Flannery he is a successful businessman. An Italian concreter with little or no education, started work at the age of 14 building driveways and swimming pools. His name is Bruno Grollo and his personal wealth is around $560mill. He is known for his contributions to charity and for treating his workers well.

    Now, I don’t care if Flannery has awards and doctorates dripping from every orifice, what you are proposing is innocence based on education and celebrity. I’ve watched documentary discussion / debates with Steven Schneider, he was a gentleman. I’ve watched documentary discussion / debates with Flannery, he came across as a condescending prick.

  69. B.Tolputt

    @Anderson David:
    I did consider the comments and it was the fact they were both vacuous and shared a common thread of using subscription as a lever to address Crikey that prompted my thoughts. Their opposing opinion of trusting Hadley over Flannery is accepted (just as I trust Flannery’s comments over Hadley’s given the man’s history with the truth). That is not the issue. The issue was how many people coincidentally happened to all decide that addressing subscription-based threats to Crikey all happened to pop-up at the same time. Even the ACL’s worst astroturfing campaigns are less obvious.

    I for one, do not wish to become a part of your circle jerk.

    Were I ever interested in such an activity, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be invited. But you go ahead and rant on about not wanting to be a part of the activity whilst subjecting yourself to the opinions that rile you up so much 😉

  70. Damien

    Poor Ray? Please! He’s the one who was raking the muck. I’ve heard the man. He softens the old sweeties up with cloying sentimentalism before dropping into the shock jock playbook to promote reactionary positions that would make a demagogue blush. He was a mediocre tabloid sports reporter who is now a mediocre radio announcer.
    Do you ever feel manipulated?

  71. geomac

    I will never understand why people listen to ” shock jocks ” as the closest I get to that is Faines conversation hour which today had Judith Durham and Angie Hart. Many years ago I listened to Laws because of promos and heard never ending ads and gibberish. It was like play school for adults. Life is too short to waste time listening to boring promos dressed up as opinions , get a life.

  72. Rich Uncle Skeleton

    Of course Dave being Hadley’s detailer is just a complete coincidence.

  73. Rich Uncle Skeleton


    I’ve watched documentary discussion / debates with Steven Schneider, he was a gentleman. I’ve watched documentary discussion / debates with Flannery, he came across as a condescending prick.

    What you mean in reality is that Schnieder pretended to take deniers seriously, Flannery didn’t and you’re deeply upset by this.

    PS. When’s the economy collapsing, as per your prediction?

  74. Archer

    @Uncle Skeleton

    “Education has failed in a very serious way to convey the most important lesson science can teach: skepticism”

    David Suzuki

    No, as I wrote, Schneider was a gentleman and the perfect ambassador for the climate change cause. Flannery is a condescending prick. Had Schneider been placed in Flannery’s position, you would have many more people listening to the science rather than the watching the circus.

    Now to your last question. Dame Edna called it “a state of terminal bewilderment”. You may want too look into permanent lodgings.

  75. Lord Barry Bonkton

    I bet “Dave the Car cleaner ” has been cleaning out the ash trays of money too. Poor old Suzie/TTH/Geewiz tag team has been conned by hadely and the other Shock Jocks and has taken the bait and swallowed it whole hook ,line and sinker.

  76. 2dogs

    And Venise wins the post of the day for articulating what we all actually feel (and if we are really honest, actually know). Great work!

  77. Anderson David


    Aww, I’m hurt. Is it because my hands are so big and your ego so fragile?
    Forgive me for expecting the intellectually superior regular Crikeyphiles to understand the concept of a metaphor.
    Let’s replace “circle jerk” with self serving, logic free “discussion”. This has been fun but I must be off to my next troll adventure. I’ll check back in 2013 and see how the self righteous labor lemmings are coming along.


  78. Suzanne Blake

    @ Lord Barry Bonkton

    David confirmed today that he has never cleaned cars or detailed cars, except his own and his parents.

    Its was a diversion to try and back up a flounding Professor whose hole is now too deep.

  79. A. N. Onymus

    I’m confused.

    2dogs —
    “Posted Thursday, 24 November 2011 at 6:54 pm
    And Venise wins the post of the day for articulating what we all actually feel (and if we are really honest, actually know). Great work!”

    What post? There was none from Venise before 2dogs’ comment. Or did you in fact post one, Venise, that has been pulled and I missed?

    Three posts after 2dogs’ comment there is one from Venise, addressing Suzanne Blake: “You were one of the first people to sling mud . . . .” which apparently has somehow crossed a time line as it was “Posted Friday, 25 November 2011 at 1:15 am” (or will be posted then?). I know we have a few time zones/differences around Australia, but I didn’t realise there was one that big!

    (It’s 7:45 pm here in Queensland.)

  80. Suzanne Blake

    @ A. N. Onymus

    Crickey is in semi meltdown this week. The website has been down yesterday and today.

  81. A. N. Onymus

    I guess my post above answers my question as it has been inserted before Venise’s (chronologically according to post times).

    Perhaps your PC’s battery is getting low, Venise?

    (And I’ll second 2dogs’ comment.)

  82. Quarisa Donny

    What I like about Hadlee,Jones,Andrew Bolt etc is that these shock jocks, alarmist so called peoples voice of Australia , get to voice their opinions and enrage their followers while they win their ratings and get to go home and sleep with no regards to the harm to the reputation of many honest professionals who only crime is to make our world a better place .

    Please dont let the words and retoric that these so called commentators utter sully the work and deeds of good men . Tim is a better man than Ray will ever be and Tim would never go as low as to use the gutter language that Ray and Alan have and continue to use ……

    ps. wake up Suzanne B. and smell the roses because u are following Ray and he is NOT the messiah u believe him to be

  83. Quarisa Donny

    pss Good men and many good women too….I apologise for not adding the latter

    Oh! watch Frozen Planet to all the sceptics u may learn a thing or two 🙂

  84. Venise Alstergren

    SUZANNE BLAKE: You were one of the first people to sling mud in Flannery’s direction for having a waterfront property and owning a boat. At the time I wondered, as did LIZ-independently why Tim Flannery wasn’t entitled to own a waterfront property, and a boat if he wanted to do same.

    That you are a bully with scant regard for the truth no one reading Crikey’s comments, will deny. The fact that you cannot wait to have a manufactured story verified before rushing into print with it is odious and potentially dangerous as your hero, Andrew Bolt, discovered. Many times the writers in Crikey have asked you to provide links to prove your research did in fact take place. Something you resolutely refuse to do. The final irony being you are unable to furnish any evidence because you haven’t done any research. (Hence the laughable idiocy of your statement a few days ago-in another post- re Pearl Harbour that you knew someone who ‘knew’ what had really happened. This is on a par with someone stating they have a cousin three times removed whose uncle had a job as a telegraph boy in ‘Intelligence’ who also ‘knew’).

    Don’t you ever get sick of the consistency with which you reveal yourself to be a fifth-rate amateur?

  85. Enkl

    Suzanne has not behaved badly here. She has not flamed anyone. She has not indulged in ad hom attacks. That cannot be said for those who disagree with her.

    Incidentally, I find that progressives are generally less civil in blog comments than conservatives. I keep a running tally, and it stands at about 45% to 30% respectively of comments which I regard as uncivil. One of the most notable differences is that progressive are far more likely to express disdain for the intelligence of conservative than contrariwise.

  86. 2dogs

    “Many times the writers in Crikey have asked you to provide links to prove your research did in fact take place. Something you resolutely refuse to do.”

    Sums up perfectly what I constantly witness when she is involved in debates on this website.

  87. Ray James

    Media Watch contacted Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) about the lack of balanced representation of climate science. ACMA said it couldn’t take action on codes of practice breaches if no one complains. And so far no one has complained about this issue. So let’s all complain!

    Talkback shows (believe it or not) fall into the ACMA definition of a current affairs program, which means they are subject to codes of practice that aim to provide a balance of viewpoints on issues of public importance, and separate factual material from commentary (read codes below).

    Talkshow hosts such as these below have often breached code of practice 2.3 (a) and (b) when dealing with representation of climate change science:
    2GB: Alan Jones, Chris Smith; 2UE: Jason Morrison, David Oldfield, Michael Smith; MTR: Steve Price; 6PR: Howard Sattler; 5AA: Leon Byner; 4BC: Gary Hardgrave; 6PR: Paul Murray

    What should we all do?
    1. Send a letter of complaint to the radio station. Most stations have an online feedback form you can use. In the letter you need to say something like ‘I am complaining that there has been a breach of the Commercial Radio Australia Codes of Practice 2010. See the example letter, which you can copy. If you have the time (and the nerve), listen to programs and make a complaint about a specific example. If not, a general complaint is fine.
    2. Wait to receive a response. If you don’t get one within 60 days or you think it’s a poor one, submit a complaint to ACMA.
    3. File a letter of complaint to ACMA

    I know it seems onerous but considering the amount of people who listen to these programs, it is important they don’t consider themselves above their broadcasting responsibilities.

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